Do you know why Bosco-Ceaser had to spend extra time on Hrithik Roshan starrer ‘Ghungroo’ Song? Find out!

hrithik roshan ghungroo
hrithik roshan ghungroo

It is a well-known fact that Hrithik Roshan is a fabulous dancer and a testimony of the same can be seen in the dance he has performed in his chart-bursting songs. The choreographer duo Bosco and Ceaser have choreographed Hrithik Roshan’s latest track ‘Ghungroo’ from WAR. However, the duo had to put in a lot of time in planning the choreography.

Hrithik Roshan’s fandom sees no boundaries and the actor has a huge fan following, when it comes to his dance the fans look up to him with expecting the actor to come up with something new always and Hrithik makes sure he fulfills and lives up to the expectations of his fans.

Bosco and Ceaser who have choreographed songs for Hrithik earlier viz. Bang Bang and many more had to put in extra efforts and time to plan the hook step as it had to be something new and unique to get to what has come out to be fantabulous and being loved by the fans. However, to get there wasn’t easy as a lot of ideas were bounced before finalizing this step.

The hook step of the song has already taken the internet by a storm with millions of users trying to recreate the step in their own unique way and the cherry on the cake is that the star himself is encouraging this by reposting most of the dance covers on his social media handles.

The actor’s performance was widely hailed by the critics and the audience both, while the film has been jotted down in the history to be one of the few films which have been declared tax free in over a record number of 8 states of the nation.

Apart from this, the actor is all set to treat the audience with his action-packed role in WAR which is all set to release soon.

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