Kokilaben AKA Rupal Patel Confirms Exit From Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2, Says She Wants To Play A ‘Dabangg Saas’ On TV Again - EXCLUSIVE

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Few days back we informed you exclusively that Rupal Patel who essays the role of Kokilaben might exit the show as she was brought in for a finite period. And now talking to us Rupal has confirmed her exit and also the reason behind it. Talking to us exclusively Rupal Patel said, "I have been working in the industry for many years but I have never done a show for one month. But when I was approached with the sequel of Saath Nibhana Saathiya it was for one month only. And now that a month is over, I will be making my exit from the show which was planned. I said yes for this small journey in SNS 2 only because it's my gratitude to all the fans of Kokilaben and Rupal Patel. I have received so much love from my audience especially for this character and the show that when makers came to me with this idea for joining and supporting them to uplift this it was my moral responsibility as a creative artist to say a yes for it".

Rupal who acted in Saath Nibhaana Saathiya for eight long years till 2017 and then again came back with the same character with the sequel feels the journey of her character ends here, "An actor and a character have their own journey. I lived Kokila for so many years but now I feel her journey completes here where as Rupal Patel's journey as an actor continues. As Kokila I played a lot of relationships but now I feel as an artiste I need to play more characters. Undoubtedly, Kokila has been one of the most iconic characters in the TV industry which has not only received love from the audience but also respect. And I am sure I will be receiving the same kind of love and respect for my future roles also.”

Rupal who has always played strong characters on our television screens like Kokila Modi and Meenakshi Raghvansh thinks she is made for such roles and going ahead also we will see her playing such strong characters, "I am thankful to NSD (National School Of Drama) and my teachers there who have given me such strong training in all the aspects. You rightly said I have always played strong characters and I give that credit to my personality. And I am sure future roles will also be offered to me keeping my personality and my contribution towards such strong characters only. Right now I don't have any other show in my hand but I am very hopeful that soon something will come my way. I am very open to playing strong characters again. Like a Dabangg Saas who is all positive and with her family.”

Rupal will shoot her last day on November 7 on the set, although her exit was earlier decided for October 22. Reasoning this Rupal said, "As per my one month track, it ended last month only on October 22, but makers wanted me to shoot for some more days and I couldn't say no as I am that attached to the show and channel. Now my last day on the set will be November 7. I really wish the entire team of Saathiya and characters who are part of the show now good luck. I am sure audience will watch the show and keep showering their love on them as it’s a beautiful story. I also request the audience to give them more and more love to Desai family and Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2.”

She also added, "To SpotboyE.com, I would really like to thank you and all the other people who were involved in this journey with me. Especially to the channel (Star Plus), audience and media.”

Image Source: Instagram/rupalpatelofficial

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