Korean remake of 'Money Heist' by Netflix on the cards

Shubham Dasgupta
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Korean remake of
Korean remake of

02 Dec 2020: Korean remake of 'Money Heist' by Netflix on the cards

Elite Money Heist fans prefer to call the series by its Spanish name, La Casa de Papel, to sound cool.

Such is the popularity of the series that its fourth season was watched by 65 million households within the first four weeks of Netflix releasing it.

The bank heist drama is set to travel East as the streaming platform plans to remake it in Korean.

History: News about the remake was in the pipeline since June

The Korean leg of the series will be collaboratively produced by BH Entertainment and Contents Zium.

The news was doing the rounds since June this year about the two brands joining forces for this Korean remake.

A source from BH Entertainment confirmed the partnership but added, "We have only shared the relevant content so far and nothing has been decided in concrete yet."

Specifics: Pina, original series creator, will executive produce the remake

The platform has confirmed the series development with Kim Hong-sun of The Guest, Voice, and Black fame directing.

Ryu Yong-Jae and his team, who created Netflix's original series My Holo Love, will pen the script, now set in the Korean landscape.

Alex Pina, maker of the original smashing hit series, will work as an executive producer for the Korean leg of the series.

Comment: Korean creators have been developing their own language, says Pina

Korean cinema is a force to reckon with, as far as entertainment-based content is concerned spanning genres of romance, thriller, horror, and comedy, and Pina appreciates that fact.

"Korean creators have been developing their own language and audiovisual culture for years. That is why I find it fascinating that the world of La Casa de Papel is so attractive to Korean creators," said Pina.

Context: Netflix also issued a statement about the show's "international popularity"

Meanwhile, Netflix said in its official statement, "The international popularity of the Spanish series La Casa de Papel is proof that significant works based in different cultures and languages can be widely distributed by Netflix and loved by audiences."

The series is about a mastermind who handpicks potential robbers from different professions and turbulent pasts to create a team and undertake high-profile bank robberies.