KRK announces diss-track 'Suwar' in retaliation to Mika's 'KRK Kutta'

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KRK announces diss-track
KRK announces diss-track

17 Jun 2021: KRK announces diss-track 'Suwar' in retaliation to Mika's 'KRK Kutta'

The feud between actor/critic Kamaal R Khan and singer Mika Singh has reached an interesting intersection. Replying to the Subha Hone Na De crooner's diss-track titled KRK Kutta, KRK now informs that he'll soon release a song called Suwar, honoring Mika. Before this, the self-proclaimed critic had equated Singh to a "suwar" give-or-take 30 times in a brutal video, and labeled him a rapist.

Update: 'Jaisi Karni Waisi Bharni,' says Khan in his tweet

KRK announced the upcoming song yesterday through the Twitter handle of KRK Box Office. His personal account remains private. The simple message read, "Song #Suwar is coming soon! And we dedicate this song to @mikasingh! Jaisi Karni Waisi Bharni." Before KRK drops the next move in this real-life tragicomedy, let us see what did Singh, a professional singer, had in store for us.

Song: Cringe-fest: Vindu Dara Singh and others featured in the song

Released on June 11, KRK Kutta had Singh driving through the streets in an expensive car (no surprises there) and commoners chanting the word "kutta" umpteen times. A cringe-fest, the track also featured Vindu Dara Singh. Khan's face was not only superimposed on images of dogs, it also was on various actresses and dancers from famous songs. What was the goal here, we wonder?

Reply: KRK had warned: 'Wait for my videos'

While announcing the release, the Sawan Mein Lag Gayi Aag singer had asked "beta" KRK to review it. And Khan didn't disappoint. In a now-deleted tweet, he had written, "I've watched the song of #Mika about me. I'm thankful to him for making it." He had taken digs on Vindu and singer/musician Toshi Sabri for participating. "Wait for my videos," a warning had come.

Dirty fight: 'Mika begged me for show, I kicked him out': KRK

Staying true to his words, KRK had uploaded a video on his YouTube channel, titled Mika Singh rapist by KRK two days later. Comparing Singh to a pig, KRK said all the claims made by Singh about him to date were false. The ex-Bigg Boss contestant recalled Singh begging him for a Dubai show in 2004, and subsequently kicking him out of his office.

Absurd: KRK claimed his negative 'Radhe' review cost Zee Rs. 95cr

That's not all. KRK had called Singh a rapist for allegedly forcefully kissing Rakhi Sawant several years ago. For the unversed, the fiasco began when Singh stood in solidarity with Salman Khan on his defamation case against KRK. Singh had also called KRK a gadha once. Separately, KRK credited his negative review of Radhe for Zee Studios losing Rs. 95cr due to the film.

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