KRK unlocks Twitter after a day, resumes feud with Mika

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KRK unlocks Twitter after a day, resumes feud with Mika
KRK unlocks Twitter after a day, resumes feud with Mika

31 May 2021: KRK unlocks Twitter after a day, resumes feud with Mika

Controversy's favorite suitor Kamaal R Khan is back on Twitter, after locking it for a day. He had changed his settings to private yesterday, amid a heated tussle with singer Mika Singh. However, earlier today, his account was unlocked, where he revealed that his Mumbai house had been robbed last night. Also, he picked up his feud with Singh from where he left it.

Details: 'Let them break into my house everyday!'

In his latest tweets, KRK revealed that his safe was broken, and money was stolen. "Let them break into my house everyday!," he added. Post this, the actor/critic resumed his fight with Singh, which started after the singer extended support to Salman Khan in his defamation suit against Khan. Previously, Singh had announced that he will be releasing a new roast single on KRK.

Escalation: KRK gave out a message to 'Bollywood ke gunde bhai'

Following the song announcement, the Ek Villain actor had locked his profile. Upon reopening, his tirade against the "opposition" continued. "Dekho Bollywood Ke Gunde Bhai, Ladne Ki Himmat Hai, Toh Khud Saamne Aakar Lado! Ye Chirkut Singer, Struggling actress Wagairah Ko Aage Karke, Unke Peeche Naa Chupo! [If Bollywood goons wish to fight, they must attack me head-on]," tweeted KRK, targeting the Radhe actor.

Details: Refresher: DSK clarified defamation suit was not about 'Radhe' review

Now let's see what transpired. It all started when DSK Legal, Salman's representative, slapped a case against KRK. The latter said that it was due to his unfavorable review of Radhe, but the superstar's lawyers sent out a statement to reiterate that it's not the reason. They said that the case was filed because of Khan's "defamatory allegations" against Salman, and Being Human.

Follow-up: Then Singh came out to support Salman, igniting new battle

KRK, however, started making videos on how Salman's lawyers were lying. In this milieu, Singh, a frequent collaborator of the Kick actor, came out in Bhai's support. Speaking to the YouTube channel of Bollywood Spy, the singer called KRK a "gadha" (donkey). He added that critics can express their opinions on films, but personally attacking someone was wrong. And then began another tussle.

Attacks: He won't mess with his daddy, Singh on KRK

Without taking names, KRK then posted a tweet lambasting a "chirkut singer," who was jumping into the matter for "publicity." Singh didn't back down. Further, when someone informed the singer that he has been blocked by Khan (Ouch!), he replied in Punjabi, "He only picks on the soft people in Bollywood. He won't mess with his daddy. Tell my son to unblock me please."

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