Kshitij Choudhary speaks about his ‘Ohara’ collection


Known for collaborating with B-Town figures like Kangana, Sushmita and Malaika in the past, fashion designer Kshitij Choudhary is much in the news for his latest collection ‘Ohara’.

Inspired by the artistic work of the prominent Japanese painter Ohara Koson, it combines both modern and contemporary aspects of his paintings and the Japanese culture. It comprises of the occasion wear looks apt for upcoming festive and wedding season and exquisite surface ornamentation to create a beautiful blend of colors and styles.

Here’s a recent chat with the young guy on the collection, his label and much more:

Tell us a little about your latest collection ‘Ohara’?

Well the entire collection is inspired by the famous Japanese artist Ohara Koson. I have taken the elements from his paintings and interpreted those elements into a very feminine fusion wear collection.

So, where does the inspiration come from?

I have always been fascinated with different cultures and artists from different geographical spectrum, so while reading an article about this artist, I found his work very intriguing.

What’s the biggest similarity that you could draw between Japanese culture and ours?

I think there are many striking similarities between the two cultures, but the most common one I found was the ‘art forms’ in both the cultures. It was a major tool of storytelling for a very holistic approach towards life.

One element of Koson’s work which appealed to you the most?

It should be Nature. It was amazing to see how his work was so inspired by nature elements like flowers, birds, animals, cherry blossoms and much more.

What special effort you made for the initial planning and idea? 

I made sure that the collection looks very modern and chic to suit the Indian aesthetics and sensibilities and not make it a stereotypical Japanese collection.

How hard is it to bring a paper design or sketch into reality?

Oh, it’s a very fun process but at the same time it can get very hectic as well. It’s almost like giving birth to a child.. “I love every bit of the process”.

What’s next on the map?

Well there are some very interesting projects in the pipeline.

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