Kuldeep Nikam Launches Dattaprabodhinee Pratisthan To Help the Society With a Reform

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Shri Kuldeep Nikam founded Dattaprabodhinee Pratisthan to help the lost. He saw miseries around himself in his childhood and wanted to help the society with a reform. He always looked for higher intelligence in himself and knew that this required discipline and certain practices. It was also after he got the divine dream of Akkalkoat Swami Samarth that he approached this life of spiritual awakening.

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And as the new year dawns upon with the hope of things getting better, Shri Kuldeep Nikam shares some new year resolutions one must take and follow. Taken from his precious Datt-Bhakti Marg, he suggests that these teachings will make everyone more sensitive and more caring towards society.

Be aware and sensitive towards what’s happening around

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We need to be in the present. One must have all his senses open to what’s happening around and try to feel the miseries others might be going through. Then only, we will be closer to our feelings. This helps us be in more control of our emotions and have a more sensitive look towards society.

Take a break and go for a retreat

In the hustle of having everything better, we often miss how important a break is. Shri Kuldeep Nikam suggests that we must take a break from the world and spend some time with ourselves. While it will be great to take a vacation, one tends to find great peace and calmness while meditation.

Learn to let go

Shri Kuldeep Nikam says that a spiritual awakening is not necessarily a one-time thing. It is a path of self-discovery and acceptance of who you are. “Waking up” happens when you allow new information to enter your consciousness.

Expand your mind

We need to be open to new opinions and learning. Exploration of new ideas is very important and this comes when you expand your mind to have conversations with new people.

Shri Kuldeep Nikam is a spiritual personality who likes to regularly share his learning on his YouTube channel. You can head to that for more learning.