Kumkum Bhagya Actress Aashi Sharma: 'Some People Are Just Making Vulgar Content And Selling It As Bold Project'

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Aashi Sharma, who is known for her roles in shows like Kumkum Bhagya, Meri Hanikarak Biwi and her recent web show Kaun? Who did it, is currently busy exploring the web world.

Talking about her journey, Aashi says, "I believe I have been blessed. I have got the opportunity to work with so many good people and some good shows on TV and then on the web. Be it any of my works, my fans have always supported me and whatever I am today is because of them and I will remain indebted to them. Till now the journey has been amazing and currently I am exploring more of the web world as it's the trend and I am focusing all my energy towards it." ALSO READ: Shilpa Shinde On Doing Bold Scenes: 'I Cannot Go Top Less'- EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Further, the actress also talked about the type of content she wants to work on and her take on the present scenario of content in the market. ALSO READ: Paurashpur Actress Ashmita Bakshi On The Lovemaking Scene With Annu Kapoor: 'Actual Hot Molten Wax Was Put On My Back'- EXCLUSIVE

"After seeing Scam 1992, I was awestruck by the work done by the actors, writers, directors and all the crew. I admired that work and decided to do more content driven projects where more than the looks, content matters. On the other side, I have also seen some platforms making vulgar films, web series which totally shocked me. I can clearly see women being objectified there, so I am also a little upset by it. Because on one side some projects are making Indian reach heights in the entertainment world while some are just deteriorating the whole environment. I believe authorities should have control over such projects which are vulgar in nature," added Aashi.

On being asked what the term bold means to her, she said, "I know one thing that bold doesn't mean vulgar and I am sure of it. Few people don't like bold concepts but now, these days it’s necessary to do something different from other people. I have seen many films which have bold scenes but are carried out so well without hurting any sentiments. On the other side some people are just making vulgar content and selling it as bold projects, so I am a little disappointed with them. There are bold scenes in Hollywood projects too but there is a thin line between being vulgar and being bold. I will be happy to do a bold project if it's needed for the script but not if it's aiming vulgarity."

Image Source: Instagram/aashisharmaofficial

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