Kunal Kemmu Remembers When He Found the Paparazzi Culture 'Dangerous’ for Taimur and Inaaya

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Since Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan welcomed Taimur, the paparazzi started swarming around the little one on every public occasion. The culture continued with Kunal Kemmu and Soha Ali Khan’s daughter, Inaaya Naumi Kemmu. Both cousins have been the apple of the shutterbugs’ eyes and have been under the spotlight ever since they were born. Over the years, the sibling duo has grown used to the paparazzi attention.

During his recent appearance on Kareena’s radio show ‘What Women Want’, Kunal opened up about how the little ones are growing up in an environment with a crazy paparazzi culture. Kareena asked Kunal how he feels about the cameras following the children. Kunal said that he doesn’t think about it much but gets bothered at times.

According to Kunal, the pap phenomenon was fairly new to them too. When their kids were born they had not entirely become oblivious of the cameras following everywhere they went.

The 37-year-old actor also expressed his feelings that the children are getting to know a different level of rage during their growing up years. He added that the culture is ‘slightly unfair’ as he doesn’t know how it would impact them on a psychological level eventually. However, on a practical note, Kunal says that it is better to accept the existence of it. He said that he does not try to hide them when photographers show up as he doesn’t want to scare the child.

Although the paparazzi have been ‘pretty respectful’ when they request not to click photos, things sometimes get out of hand. Recalling an incident when he found the new culture dangerous, he said Taimur and Inaaya were at the swimming pool. That’s when someone zoomed the camera lens on them from afar to take photos. Kunal mentioned that he is totally against it and as a parent, one has to be aware that this is happening.