Kunal Sharma’s Spartan becomes First Company to Make Eco-friendly Bats


My journey with Spartan began as a child. Born into a business orientated family, the brand name of our business was SPARTAN, which was established in India in 1954.

I was raised spending a lot of time with my grand-father and father, learning the traits of the industry and the business. We developed all types of sporting goods and products. When I left school and went to study abroad, I knew I wanted to take the brand internationally and I began that journey with opening the Spartan branch in Australia.

It has been almost 20 years that Spartan has been in the Australian market. From there and during the last 5 years, Spartan has branched out and established links in the UK and Dubai, as well as South Africa and Sri Lanka. Of course India remains our largest and most established market as it is where it all began so long ago. This growth has led to a demand for Spartan cricket which was always a dream of mine to develop, being an avid cricket lover. Now Spartan is focusing on cricket as one of our main products and hopes to take this to a new level of development and technology in the near future.

My vision for the brand and cricket development is to be able to make the products which feel and perform exceptionably well but also are eco-friendly to the environment. With the willow trees being cut down for their wood, we want to put forth a plan to replenish. We want to be able to plant 10,000 willow trees in the coming years which will provide willow for years to come.
Our aim is then to be able to print designs on bats rather than use stickers which will definately be more eco-friendly also.

This idea came to mind simply by being a part of this generation where we are now. We are so aware in today’s world of all the effects of waste, pollutants and chemicals. It is up to us as individuals to make a change and I think that if every business owner can think of ways to make even small improvements to the service or product they are supplying this should have less impact on the damage to this planet and that would be something truly special.

When purchasing bats, players should bear in mind the comfort they feel when holding the bat as mind set is everything. They should ensure the weight of the bat is in line with their comfort levels and also the quality and shape of the bat is second to none. I think it is important if players feel the product that they are using is eco-friendly and perhaps that the piece of willow they are holding has been replaced in the environment somewhere to service generations to come.

Spartan has always strived to support players, whether they be up and coming juniors, through to grade players and all the way to the international arena. The players Spartan look to support have always been players of immense talent and charisma who are team players and kids can inspire to be like. The future generation look to the players of today and without this we could be in danger of loosing one of the greatest sports of all time.

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