Is Kundali Matching Important for Marriage?


The marriage season is at its gleam after the auspicious Tulsi Vivah in Hinduism. It is a heavenly feeling for two people when they come forward and tie the auspicious knot of a lifetime partnership in marriage. This holy bonding is not only between two people but it also brings together two different families. It is one of the most awaited moments in the life of many. Hence, it is advisable that all the important factors be analyzed and rituals to be carried out before accepting a marriage proposal. One such factor in astrology, kundali matching or kundali milan plays a vital role in the marriage of two individuals.

As per astrology, there are 36 gunas which are matched to check the compatibility of the two people. However, there are other factors as well to be looked into by astrologers. They would analyze the birth charts of the boy and girl and based on the Dasha periods and gunas, provide appropriate guidance for marriage. If there are any malefic planets in one’s horoscope, astrology can help you with remedial solutions for marriage.

Why is Kundali matching important for marriage?

Marrying a person who is different from you and whom you never knew can be a tricky thing. Hindus consider matching two kundalis or Janampatris before deciding for marriage. You might be wondering why is it the first and foremost step in marriage planning? Let’s read here and find out.

  • Marriage compatibility

As two people are bound in the union of sacred marriage, they do not stay with each other in just the current life. As per Hindi culture and beliefs, the couple is said to remain together in their next seven lives as well. The planetary positions in their own Janampatri have a great influence on their spouse after they marry. Hence, the destiny and luck of a person highly affects their spouse. It can prove to be a smooth blissful life or a roller coaster ride. Hence, knowing it in advance gives you an understanding of the opposite person and helps you make the right decision for marriage.

  • Relationship quotient

The method of astrologically matching two kundalis, Ashtakoot or Guna Milan, plays a major role in analyzing the compatibility between a boy and a girl. This relationship quotient shows a detailed study of the type of impact the stars and their placement have on the prospect bride and groom. There are eight gunas in total, which are matched in their horoscope. Each guna has it’s individual points. These points when added make a total of 36 points. For the marriage to be approved astrologically, a minimum of 18 gunas out of 36 should be matched. The higher the score, the better are the chances of marriage.

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  • Physical and mental compatibility

The placement of planets in the birth chart of both the partners can show their behavioral patterns and their nature. Similarly, while matching their kundalis, their mental state, attitude, areas of interest and other such parameters can be predicted. These show how their marriage would be in true sense. In addition to mental compatibility, physical compatibility is also important for the marriage to survive in the long run. Any health-related issues can also be predicted with kundali milan. All these factors can give an idea about what their future in marriage holds, and hence, kundali milan deems necessary for such factors as well.

  • Financial and family compatibility

Every parent wants a financially stable person for their children when looking for marriage prospects. They want their children to enjoy a secure and happy life after marriage. Whether the person would receive a good promotion or not, if there are chances of financial losses or not, is all analyzed in the horoscope. Additionally, they also look for how adjusting the person can be with the family. Accepting to changes in situations and family rituals from time to time makes it an important parameter for marriage. This becomes another reason for kundali matching. If you are struggling to get married, consult our expert astrologers and get the remedies for it.

Closing note

Now that you know why kundali matching is so important and why your parents stress on it, you can also take an astrologer’s guidance to understand your future partner better. It would help you lead a happily married life.

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