KUSHAL PUNJABI SUICIDE: Ex-Girlfriend Meghna Naidu INTERVIEW- 'I Feel For His Son, I Am Going To Reach Out To His Family'

It is no secret that Kushal Punjabi and Meghna Naidu (who rose to fame with the remix version of Kaliyon Ka Chamman in 2000) were in a steady relationship, before they split and Kushal went on to marry Audrey Dolphen from whom he has a son Kian. Kushal's suicide has shocked us, one and all, including his ex Meghna Naidu, who is now married to tennis player Luis Miguel Reis (since 2017) and opened a dance academy in Dubai. We spoke to the lady, few minutes ago.

Excerpts from the conversation:

Where were you when you got to know about Kushal Punjabi's tragic demise?

I am out of town now and I got to know it through WhatsApp messages.

Were you guys in touch after you'll broke up?


When did you last meet him?

I don't remember, but yes, few years ago, we did meet at an event.

Did you'll talk?

We said a Hi/Hello. The interaction was very cordial. Hardly 2 minutes.

It was short because, you see, we had nothing in commonto chat or talk about.

How would you describe Kushal as a person?

Full of life, zest and energy.

It is very tragic and shocking to hear that he committed suicide because he came across as a very happy guy full of enthu from whatever I saw on my friends' updates on their social media handles.

Did you know about his failed marriage and depression?

We were not in touch at all, so no, I didn't know. I had absolutely no idea about his life after we parted ways.

Why did you'll part ways?

We had our differences.

Can you elaborate?

Not really.

Have you reached out to the family?

Not yet, I am currently in the outskirts of Goa in a very bad network area. Hence, talking to you on WhatsApp. But I will reach out to them when I get proper network.

I feel for his son and family. I hope they all can be strong in this tough time.

Image Source:- facebook/MeghnaENaidu

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