'KUWTK' ends this year; six unforgettable moments from the show

Shubham Dasgupta
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14 Feb 2021: 'KUWTK' ends this year; six unforgettable moments from the show

It's no news that Keeping up with the Kardashians (KUWTK) is ending.

Currently, Kim Kardashian is in news for posting a painting by her daughter, which no one believes, while the entire Kardashian family already has a Hulu deal in place.

To honor the 14-year-long entertainment that the show has provided, here's looking back at six of its most hilarious and emotional moments.

Crying bouts: Kim and Khloe's handbag fight, and Kim crying for earrings

Let's start with two bouts of Kim crying, the first bring the handbag fight in Season 1.

This happened because Kim was bragging about buying a Bentley and got bullied by Khloe.

That followed with Khloe shutting the door on Kim and an ensuing fight.

Next comes Kris Humphries, Kim's second spouse, dropping her in the ocean that made her lose her diamond earring!

Transformation: Bruce undergoes gender-affirming surgery, introduces herself as Caitlyn

One of the most shocking moments in the reality show was the revelation of Kris's ex-husband Bruce Jenner, who came out as a trans woman and underwent a gender reaffirming surgery.

The eleventh season had a two-episode special about Bruce's transformation to Caitlyn.

In fact, the silence in the first meeting between Kris and Caitlyn after the latter's transformation is stifling and personal.

Heartbreaking: Shocking reality: When Tristan cheated on Khloe, intimate videos surfaced

Nobody wants a situation where someone in your family is caught cheating.

Imagine several cameras recording your reactions while you find that out.

That's what happened when Kendall, Kylie, Kim, and Kourtney got video notifications of NBA player Tristan Thompson, the boyfriend of pregnant Khloe, making out with another woman.

Recent reports suggest that the couple is trying to work things out with daughter True.

Highlights: Kris's Daffy Duck-like lips, Kim's retelling of 2016 Paris robbery

Food allergy was never this funny when Kris realized that her upper lip got swollen and almost drooped like Daffy Duck, as Kim said.

She was struggling to speak and almost had Kim convinced that she got "surgery in the middle of the night."

Fans, not critics though, also loved the Season 13 episode where Kim retold the dangerous Paris Fashion Week 2016 robbery.