Kylie Cosmetics under fire for lack of diversity

Kelsey Stiegman
Photo credit: Hearst Communications, Inc. All rights reserved
Photo credit: Hearst Communications, Inc. All rights reserved

From Cosmopolitan UK

Kylie Jenner effectively tore our attention away from her uterus for about 14 hours with the release of her 30-shade concealer collection.

Some people praised her inclusive colour range, while others shaded her for stepping a little too close to Rihanna's game. Either way – the Internet had a lot of feelings.

Now, beauty vlogger Jackie Aina has uploaded her official review and per usual, she's got some thoughts. In the video, she calls to question why there aren't more black beauty bloggers who were sent the product, when white vloggers like Jeffree Star, James Charles, and Laura Lee were all sent the full collection by the brand before most people could get their hands on it.

"You went out of your way to create this beautiful bottom row of darker colours, but I didn’t see a single person on YouTube outside of Shayla... reviewing these products," Jackie explained.

"I’m not on [the Kylie Cosmetics] PR list and I’m most certainly not the only black beauty guru out there, but I’m just saying – why did you go out of your way to create all those shades and you didn’t bother to send them to anybody to review? I want to see some reviews from some chocolate girls. I just wanna know where are they?"