Kylie Jenner’s Top Knot And Pink Make-up Screams Summer

Monika Khajuria

Kylie Jenner is not one to keep things simple and natural, even if it is quarantine time. Kylie Jenner, through her Instagram posts and revolutionary beauty brand, has been a major trendsetter. An ardent lover of all things beauty, Kylie has held our attention many times with her stunning make-up looks. She is always slaying the beauty game with her sometimes colourful mostly nude make-up looks. We were ecstatic to see that being in quarantine did not dull Kylie's spirit or her love for make-up.

While she has launched a few new products for her skincare brand, Kylie skin, she also has been actively posting pictures of herself decked up and glamorous ready to seize the day. It is one of her recent posts captioned, "i'm pretty good at this makeup thing" that gives us a look perfect for the summer season.

What do we associate the summer season with the most? Colours and fun, right? What better than pink smokey eyes with a touch of neon to represent the season! The touch of blush and nude lips added a soft and trendy touch to the look. The winged eyeliner concentrated towards the outer corner of the eyes did a great job of keeping the look glam but not OTT.

Coming to her hairstyle, her long tresses styled in a half updo top knot accentuated with a strand of hair framing one side of her face is a great summer hairstyle if you are looking for one. This is a perfect look for a chilled out day out with your friends. You can add personal touches to the look by switching the lip shade and ditching the winged eyeliner with a regular one.

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Well, just like Kris Jenner commented on her post " Yes you are!!!", we agree that Kylie is pretty good at this make-up thing.

What are your thoughts regarding Kylie's make-up skills? Let us know in the comment section below.

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