Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Use Disabled Parking Spot and Instagram Is Fuming

Nida Sayyed

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott posed for a cute picture for the gram after Kylie’s never-ending brand trip for Kylie Skin. The duo quickly got comments like “mom and dad”, minutes after it went up. But there was one thing hidden in the background, haunting the picture. The couple seems to be putting on some PDA in front of their car, which was parked in the disability parking spot. Instagram went wild after spotting that and Kylie Jenner’s comment section on that post was flooded with hate. Kylie Jenner Gets Brutally Trolled for Her Recent Bootylicious Instagram Picture; Followers Call Her Out for Getting Butt Implants.

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Kylie Jenner cosied up with beau in her Instagram snaps to show off her love. However, she ended up showing off ignorance and privilege. After the disability spot was noticed by fans, they gave Kylie a hard time by letting her know she’s too privileged to understand sentiments. Initially, people stuck to her oversized blazer and made fun of her look. Some also poked fun at her little bag and questioned what does she even carry in a bag so small? But as soon as the gazes shifted to the background, it was a rough ride for Kylie and Travis. Cop or Drop: Kylie Jenner in Jacquemus Bodysuit and Blazer.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott in the Handicap Spot

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Few of the fan comments read, “Sooo, Which one of y’all are handicap?”, “Are you parked in a handicap spot???”, “Shame on you guys for parking in a handicapp space. Guess you wouldnt know what its like to be handicapp. Coing from a handicapp person.”, “"I'm so full of myself I take handicapped parking spaces"”, “ they park in a handicap spot because they "can". Distasteful & wrong . My opinion.”, “gurl... the ♿ sign is right there”.

Comments on Kylie's Post

(Photo Credits: Instagram)

(Photo Credits: Instagram)

(Photo Credits: Instagram)

Neither kylie, nor Travis has responded to the negative comments. The fans have been demanding an apology from Kylie for being so insensitive. Will kylie keep her silence like always or will she apologise? The Kardashians generally stay quiet and let the drama fade away on its own. Last year, Kendall got herself in trouble over the same issue.