Kylie and Khloe look like twins in their coordinating sparkly date night outfits

Gabrielle Dyer

From Cosmopolitan

It is just us or are Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian morphing into one another!?! Seriously, it's reached the point where, if it wasn't for their different coloured hair we wouldn't be able to tell them apart.

Case in point: Kylie's most recent Instagram picture. We admit, the twinning bob hairstyles have a lot to do with their newfound likeness (we literally can't keep up with Khloe's ever-changing hair lengths). But is it just us, or do their faces look confusingly similar, too!?

The pair posed hand in hand for the cute sibling snap, dressed in stunning sparkly outfits. While Khloe wore a matching gold trouser and suit jacket combo, Kylie wowed in an extravagant full length black glittery gown. Both outfits are rather, ahem, busty and Kylie's dress comes with a thigh high split, allowing her to flash a bit of thigh, too.

Kylie captioned the pic "date night" and we wonder where the two of them are heading tonight. Both Kylie and Khloe are single. Not long ago, Kylie ended her two-year relationship with ex boyfriend and father of daughter Stormi Travis Scott.

Khloe has remained out of a serious relationship since splitting from Tristan Thompson, although he's apparently in the process of trying to win her back (we have a lot of thoughts on this...).

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Turns out they were actually attending Puff Daddy's birthday, alongside older sister Kim (who FYI also looked divine). However, we're very much here for the girl power, 'cause hey, who needs a man to take them out on a date? Not us and certainly not Kylie and Khloe.

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