Kyra Mitchell Lewis: Founder of Glow up Gyrl and Glow Better University

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Kyra Mitchell Lewis, is an entrepreneur and an experienced person in marketing industry. She was also in the communication industry for a very long period of time. She had complete her graduation from the university of Valdosta states, and is a Georgia native.

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As she started her own journey to lead a balanced life and make changes in her life, she was very soon forced to face the struggles of the day-to-day issues of every woman. This was the reason behind the creation of Glow Up Gyrl in the year 2020. Every woman wanted to speak about it but were very busy in their personal and professional life. She had a vision to do this and then she founded the ultimate global based platform for women to share their own inspirational stories, who are striving in the society and lead a balanced life.

It was not an easy path for her to create, a successful business, specially in such a time when the whole world was under the influence of the coronavirus pandemic. But this was the opportunity for her to be available for all those women to achieve and maintain balance in their living at such uncertain times. Truly a role model!

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Glow Up Gyrl is a community for women where women can speak about their life and the hardships faced by them. They can give a deeper insight on what life is like for different women from all around the world, and how they managed to overcome those. It's a helpful hand for those women who are also entrepreneurs and want to develop their brand and marketing strategy. It creates curated contents and events to provide a safe space for women, together they learn and share as they work towards becoming their best.

Kyra Mitchell Lewis is also the founder of globe getter university. There are 2 courses provided by this university. The Entrepreneurship and the Evolution of you. This university is for those women who want to glow more, and are full of ambition, passion and tenacity. And they should be ready to work hard apart from the regular scheduled sessions of work to pursue their goals. At this university they are equipped with the required content that you would need to advance. These courses provide with ideas and strategies which will help you to succeed- from seminar and panel discussions, from the expert of the industry. These industry experts help them out to start up their own entrepreneurship in each aspect like technology marketing and finance.

The Evolution of you, you have the key to your own successful future. The evolution begins within you and this course begins the journey within you to achieve the goal setting for yourself. The experts help all those who are in the course of a business or planning to begin their business.

Kyra advises to stay focused and to keep interacting with those people who uplift you and never give up. And she also speaks about women empowerment, mental health support, entrepreneurship and culture. After all, a mental health is equally important too. A sound mind is more creative.