10 home goods and appliances you never knew you needed are deeply discounted — but only for a limited time

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From air fryers to white noise machines, the best appliances and home products are on sale right now. (Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle Store)

Whether the arrival of fall makes you happy (pumpkin spice everything!) or sad (bye bye beach) one thing's for sure: It’s time to get shopping. Prime Day has come and gone and Black Friday is still months away, but Labor Day weekend is the under-appreciated middle child of mega sales — and this year the savings for home essentials are especially great.

With cooler weather approaching, you’re going to be spending a lot more time indoors. So stock up on everything from cleaning gadgets to cooking appliances, and you’ll be prepared for whatever winter throws your way.

1. Swap your broom for this genius hard floor sweeper.

InstaSweep Hard Floor Surface Sweeper. (Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle Store)

Dirt and debris don't stand a chance against this cordless picker upper. With triple sweep technology and two rotating outer brushes, the InstaSweep Hard Floor Surface Sweeper lifts, grabs, and pulls dust, dirt, and pet hair into the storage pan in an instant.

Shop it: InstaSweep Hard Floor Surface Sweeper, $25 (was $36), use code SAVE15HOME for an extra 15 percent off at checkout.

2. Treat your tushie to the Omigo Luxury Bidet Seat.

Omigo Luxury Bidet Seat. (Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle Store)

Step up your bathroom game. This toilet seat replacement transforms any old throne into a luxurious electronic bidet. Connecting directly to your water supply, it offers adjustable warm water wash settings, a built-in night light, a heated seat, a warm air dryer and a deodorizer. Best part: You can control it all via remote.

Shop it: Omigo Luxury Bidet Seat, $589 (was $749), use code SAVE15HOME for an extra 15 percent off at checkout.

3. Deep fry everything just in time for Sunday football.

DeLonghi Roto Deep Fryer. (Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle Store)

Traditional deep fryers aren't just messy; they're unhealthy too. But lucky for us onion ring lovers, the DeLonghi Roto Deep Fryer takes care of both issues. It uses half the oil of competing models while still delivering crispy results. And its nonstick interior and oil-draining system makes for easy cleanup.

Shop it: DeLonghi Roto Deep Fryer, $82 (was $130), use code SAVE15HOME for an extra 15 percent off at checkout.

4. Beat the heat with a blade-less mini fan.

Whirlwind Cool Blade-Less Mini Fan. (Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle Store)

You never know when a heat wave — or a hot flash — will present itself. Whether you’re headed to the beach or a baseball game, slip this small, lightweight fan into your bag. With three speeds, it’s rechargeable and even has a USB port for juicing up your phone on the go. In three color combos.

Shop it: Whirlwind Cool Blade-Less Mini Fan, $22 (was $60), use code SAVE15HOME for an extra 15 percent off at checkout.

5. Get your beauty sleep with this white noise machine.

LectroFan White Noise Machine (Certified Refurbished). (Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle Store)

Need to sleep better? Or work more efficiently? This white noise machine will do the trick. Perfect for both winding down at night and focusing during the day, it comes with 10 white noise options, 10 fan sounds and seven sleep settings. Great for kids’ rooms and guest rooms too. In white and black.

Shop it: LectroFan White Noise Machine (Certified Refurbished), $32 (was $60), use code SAVE15HOME for an extra 15 percent off at checkout.

6. Upgrade tour toilet with a high-tech freshener that doubles as a night light.

LooLoo: The Automatic Toilet Freshener & Night Light. (Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle Store)

Your bathroom is about to get a whole lot fresher — and technologically advanced. LooLoo, an automated toilet freshener, senses your body heat and sprays a blend of essential oils onto the water to trap odors. It’s also a motion-sensing light, so you can find the bowl in the middle of the night without turning on a glaring overhead. Fits 99 percent of toilets; includes two refills.

Shop it: LooLoo: The Automatic Toilet Freshener & Night Light, $40 (was $49), use code SAVE15HOME for an extra 15 percent off at checkout.

7. Make the perfect pot of coffee in style.

Wilfa Precision Automatic Coffee Maker. (Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle Store)

Making good coffee is a science, but who has time for that?! Luckily, the Wilfa Precision Automatic Coffee Brewer takes care of the tough part for you, thanks to its perfectly engineered temperature and water controls. Did we mention it’s also a gorgeous addition to your kitchen decor? Usually $400, the machine comes in at less than $100 when you take advantage of the promo code.

Shop it: Wilfa Precision Automatic Coffee Maker, $100 (was $400), use code SAVE15HOME for an extra 15 percent off at checkout.

8. Add some chic camping flair to your sleep sanctuary.

Revogi Convertible LED Lantern. (Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle Store)

This minimalist lantern-lamp hybrid is part light source, part sculpture. Use it as a table lamp, then flip the handle up and collapse the cover to turn it into a lantern for camping, hiking even Halloween. Either way, you’ll get a bright light (thanks to 25 LED bulbs) and three settings. The built-in rechargeable battery works for six hours at a time.

Shop it: Revogi Convertible LED Lantern, $30 (was $40), use code SAVE15HOME for an extra 15 percent off at checkout.

9. Go beyond the dreaded "lbs" when it comes to your health.

Form Fit Digital Scale & Body Analyzer. (Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle Store)

Get an overall sense of your health with this incredibly smart machine. In addition to weight, it measures and tracks body fat, muscle mass, water weight and bone density, using an undetectable (and harmless) electric current.

Shop it: Form Fit Digital Scale & Body Analyzer, $45 (was $125), use code SAVE15HOME for an extra 15 percent off at checkout.

10. Get in on the air fryer trend.

Power Air Fryer 10-in-1 Pro Elite Oven (Refurbished). (Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle Store)

Want to cut down on fat without sacrificing flavor? This refurbished appliance prepares fries, chicken, steak, fish, pizza and more of your favorites to crispy perfection using just air — no oil! With a 6-quart capacity, its compact footprint takes up minimal precious counter space, and its 10 presets make it easy to whip up a meal. This machine comes with a bunch of extras, including a 124-recipe book, oven mitts, a splatter guard and a rotisserie spit and stand. In 7 colors.

Shop it: Power Air Fryer 10-in-1 Pro Elite Oven (Refurbished), $85 (was $170), use code SAVE15HOME for an extra 15 percent off at checkout.

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