Lady Gaga, Barack Obama's discussion has netizens guessing about content

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Lady Gaga, Barack Obama
Lady Gaga, Barack Obama

24 Jan 2021: Lady Gaga, Barack Obama's discussion has netizens guessing about content

United States' President Joe Biden's inauguration was an unprecedented event, but with minimal guest attendance.

Nevertheless, there were political leaders, and celebrities from different walks of life, including former President Barack Obama and pop diva Lady Gaga, who sang a rendition of the US national anthem on the occasion.

In fact, the extended discussion between Obama and Gaga made the internet pretty curious.

Context: Gaga-Obama hugged and shared a long conversation

Gaga and Obama hugged each other and were seen involved in a lengthy discussion.

They seemed to have an easy camaraderie, so much so that it triggered the curiosity of many on social media.

A lot of people tweeted out, guessing about the conversation, and some of the tweets were really hilarious.

Fact: This user politely asked Gaga to spill the beans

Details: USA wants to know!

One Twitter user suggested that Gaga must have asked Obama why he did not include her songs in his 2020 playlist.

Some people even responded to Obama's tweet celebrating the official Twitter handle of President Biden with the question of the hour.

"Gaga has A LOT to say to Obama!!! (sic)," TV host Andy Cohen tweeted.

Details: Purest energy: Gaga also complimented Michelle Obama

While neither Gaga nor Obama commented on the speculation, what we did catch correctly was the singer's heart-warming praise for former US First Lady Michelle Obama.

After concluding her performance, Gaga thanked Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, and when she was leaving the podium, she reportedly told Michelle Obama, "You look so wonderful."

A number of users have praised that gesture.

Brooch: Gaga also saved Garth Brooks' looks

This was not the only instance at the occasion where we saw Gaga receiving praise.

Country singer Garth Brooks also thanked Gaga's hair and makeup team for making him presentable on stage as he sang Amazing Grace.

Netizens also debated on Gaga's brooch resembling the Mockingjay pin from Hunger Games.

Gaga, however, said it was a "dove carrying an olive branch," thus symbolizing peace.

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