Lady Gaga recalls her rape episode that left her pregnant

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Lady Gaga recalls her rape episode that left her pregnant
Lady Gaga recalls her rape episode that left her pregnant

22 May 2021: Lady Gaga recalls her rape episode that left her pregnant

Lady Gaga recalled a painful stretch from her life on Prince Harry-Oprah Winfrey's The Me You Can't See on Apple TV+. The Poker Face crooner said how she was sexually assaulted by a producer who "dropped me off pregnant on a corner." She was only 19 then. Gaga didn't name her assaulter but said he ordered her to take off her clothes or face the consequences.

Information: 'I was locked away in a studio for months'

On the sexual assault and pregnancy, Gaga said, "I felt full-on pain, then I went numb. And then I was sick for weeks after." "It was the same pain...I felt when the person who raped me dropped me off pregnant on a corner by my parents' house because I was vomiting and sick...I'd been being abused. I was locked away in a studio for months."

Details: Don't want to ever see that person again, says Gaga

Although she's a huge advocate of the #MeToo movement, Gaga shared she will not be publicly naming her assaulter, as she doesn't feel comfortable talking about him and doesn't want to be "defined by it." To recall, she once told Howard Stern she felt "paralyzed by fear" when she saw that producer at a store. Gaga says she doesn't want to face him again.

Past: Gaga couldn't understand the trauma she was going through

More than the incident, it was the trauma and after-effects that left her shaken to the core, and she wasn't even aware of it. That's why, when on a hospital visit, she was asked to meet a psychiatrist, instead of a general physician, it left her stunned. "I've had so many MRIs and scans. They don't find nothing, but your body remembers," she said.

Fact: 'For a couple years, I wasn't the same girl'

"I had a total psychotic break, and for a couple years, I was not the same girl. The way that I feel when I feel pain was how I felt after I was raped," said the 911 singer, who also chronicled this episode in Swine.

Aftermath: Aftermath: Singer suffers from PTSD and fibromyalgia

Gaga revealed the pain of the sexual assault stayed with her for many years. The 35-year-old was also diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in recent years and believes it happened after the horrific incident. She also suffers from fibromyalgia, a medical condition that causes pain all over the body. However, the Rain On Me singer concluded, saying, "It all started to slowly change."

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