Large asteroid approaching Earth! How dangerous will it be? NASA answers

FE Online

As the world is already grappling with the Coronavirus crisis, social media is abuzz with another news regarding the ‘end of the world’ next month. Containment of fake news about Coronavirus was already a tough task and now this fresh set of news that has come out of the NASA has set the speculations on fire.

US space agency NASA has said that an asteroid of a fairly large size will fly past Earth on April 19 this year. But the good news is that the asteroid will have no impact on Earth. NASA has said that the asteroid was discovered three years back. The asteroid has been named as 2014 JO25. The space rock is estimated to be 2,000 feet in size. Xinhua news agency has reported quoting NASA that the space rock JO25 will fly past Earth at a very safe distance of approximately 1.1 million miles (1.8 million kilometres). In other words, the space rock will pass the earth at a distance 4.6 times of distance between the Moon and Earth.

The asteroid is likely to pass at a very safe distance from the Earth but for the asteroid of this size, the approach between the space rock and Earth will be very close, Xinhua news agency quoted NASA as saying.

It's very common for small asteroids to pass by Earth and they pass within a safe distance of Earth numerous times every week, but NASA has said that this upcoming approach is the closest approach by any identified asteroids with this large size after a five-kilometre asteroid, named Toutatis that had approached within four lunar distances 16 years back in September 2004.

The size of the asteroid and the distance it will fly past our planet Earth have given netizens hint that it will hit the planet and will lead to catastrophes such as earthquake and tsunami which will eventually end the civilisation next month.