Lars Von Trier gives wonderful parts to women actors: Charlotte Gainsbourg

Ravi Bansal

Los Angeles, Oct 28 (PTI) Charlotte Gainsbourg says she does not believe that filmmaker Lars Von Trier's movies are misogynistic as he gives 'wonderful' roles to women actors.

Trier is one of the most controversial filmmakers of the world as his films have always contained provocative and graphic visuals, that often explored dark and extreme themes. He has also been criticised for the portrayal of women in his movies.

But Gainsbourg, who worked with the director on 'Antichrist', 'Melancholia' and 'Nymphomaniac', shot the down the suggestion that Trier's film are misogynistc.

'He gives such wonderful parts to women. How can he be misogynistic if he's portraying women like that?' the actor told The Guardian.

'It's true Von Trier pushes you into really dark places. (But) that's what I'm looking for in acting -- I want someone to push me places where I haven't been, where it's difficult, where I'm uncomfortable. That's all I want. For me, a lot of the work is letting go and trusting him all the way,' she added.

Gainsbourg said on movies 'Antichrist' and 'Nymphomaniac', the filmmaker always made her comfortable before shooting an explicit scene. PTI RB SHD