'Laserlight' singer Jessie J got diagnosed with Meniere's disease

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31 Dec 2020: 'Laserlight' singer Jessie J got diagnosed with Meniere's disease

Bang Bang singer Jessie J had a rather difficult time during Christmas this year due to her health.

Fortunately, she stayed away from contracting the novel coronavirus, but faced a lot of pain from Meniere's disease.

The artist took to Instagram to share her frustration and also spread awareness about this disease in a lengthy post.

Let's hear her out.

Instagram: 'Went to ear doctor and got told I've meniere syndrome'

Jessie tabulated her entire experience with the disease on Christmas Eve in that Instagram post, with an image of the artist smiling back strongly.

She stated, "Went to an ear doctor and got told I have meniere syndrome," while elaborating how she tried to keep herself calm by taking a nap, watching Netflix miniseries, The Queen's Gambit, and making pasta.

Context: What is Meniere's disease?

But, Meniere's disease turned out to be far tougher than she had imagined, as she had difficulties walking properly.

According to Mayo Clinic, the disease affects one's inner ear and generally affects one ear.

The disease induces bouts of vertigo that may last for hours.

It also creates a constant sound of hissing or buzzing inside the ear, causing an inability to hear properly.

Fact: BIG weird non traditional Christmas Eve vibes, says Jessie

Experience: She spoke about her struggle on Instagram live

The 32-year-old artist voiced her frustration in a recent Instagram live, narrating her experiences.

She said that she struggled to hear, talk or sing at a stretch.

In her Instagram post, she said she couldn't focus on watching TV because her ear felt like "someone crawled in and turned a hair dryer on."

She, however, noted "that a lot of people suffer from it."

Positive note: 'This Christmas might be a little off,' notes the singer

She then took the opportunity to turn her clinical experience on social media to spread goodness and satisfaction, stressing on being happy with what one has instead of fretting over what one doesn't.

"This Christmas might be a little off. BUT one in a lifetime isn't bad when some people haven't had one good one in their lifetime," the English singer opined.

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