Lata Mangeshkar's Condition Still Delicate; Nightingale Of India Battling It Out - EXCLUSIVE

Lata Mangeshkar is still very much critical. The big story from the Breach Candy Hospital is yet again not a happy one, for the second day in succession. Our top source has informed us that Lata Mangeshkar is showing some signs of improvement but she's still not out of danger.

Lataji is still on the ventilator, quite a bit sedated as per the protocol. There is no talk or any sort of communication that she can make with the visitors who come to see her.

The Nightingale of India is in the ICU of Breach Candy Hospital, where the staff has been strictly told by Lataji's near and dear ones to not let out any information about her. Time and again, her publicist is sending out the statements that they are releasing. It is natural for them to do so as the invasion of the press can be really unnerving in such a situation.

lata mangeshkar

lata mangeshkar

Yesterday and day before, we had spoken to Lataji's younger sister Usha Mangeshkar. We also had a word with Hema Malini (who is like a family friend to Lataji) and Padmini Kolhapure (her niece who visited her in the hospital, last evening).

lata mangeshkar

The Mangeshkar family remains hopeful that Lataji will come out of this and our prayers are with them. 

Image Source:- newsonair

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