Lata Mangeshkar Sends Best Wishes To Aditya Narayan: ‘Now Even The Young Are Getting The Virus’ - EXCLUSIVE

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The Nightingale Lata Mangeshkar is worried about the spike in Coronavirus numbers. “It’s become much worse, and we are to blame for it. So many people are not following the guidelines, not wearing masks, attending parties, hosting large weddings with hundreds of guests. We can’t flout the rules and hope to get away with it,” says Lataji deeply concerned about the rising numbers.

She is alarmed to see so many young people getting infected. “Udit Narayanji’s son Aditya has Covid. Even little children are getting it. There is no certainty about how not to get the virus. Isolation is the only solution.”

Lataji has not been seeing any guests at all. “Only my family members are allowed in my room. I miss meeting people who matter to me. But safety is more important right now than anything else. I urge the people of this country to wear masks in public, to sanitize regularly and to get the vaccination sooner rather than later. We have to fight this virus and defeat it.”

Image source: SpotboyE archive/ Instagram/lata_mangeshkar

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