We launched a perfume that your Insta feed will love

Jessica Pels
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Photo credit: COURTESY
Photo credit: COURTESY

From Cosmopolitan

We’ve been busy lately at Cosmo HQ. Well, busier than usual. After hours, in between our regular work, we’ve been covertly obsessing over a cool new project. And as a staff of self-professed bad secret-keepers, it’s been hard not to talk about. So thank god for today: the day we get to finally spill the tea.

Or more accurately, the juice. Cosmo has officially launched a brand-new perfume line, called Eau de Juice, available in four high-end scents *exclusively* at The Fragrance Shop right now and in stores nationwide. (Did you know that in the beauty industry, we call the liquid inside perfume bottles “juice”? Hence the name—and the damn cute packaging.)

Why branch out into fragrances, you ask? Do a magazine, website, YouTube channel, Snapchat edition, Instagram feed, etc. not keep you busy enough? (We, too, have asked this question, most often circa 2 a.m.) Well, yes, but there’s also this: We’re enthusiastic consumers of beauty products here at Cosmo, just like you. We also have bona fide experts among us, like our team of know-it-all beauty connoisseurs.

And then the coup de grâce, the thing that made us realise that a Cosmo fragrance line wouldn’t just be fun for us to make but would also be exactly what you need to buy: Perfume is the lazy girl’s best secret weapon. It’s the dry shampoo of the Adult Woman world. The most bare-minimum way of being just the right amount of extra. A quick spritz as you rush out the door is literally all you need to feel like a fancy bitch. And whose inner fancy bitch doesn’t want that?

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