From to be in-laws to runaway couple! Groom’s father elopes with bride’s mother in Gujarat

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Sad news, or maybe not! The dreams of starting a new life together have been shattered for a young-to-be-married couple in Surat, after they found that the groom’s father eloped with the bride’s mother, as per news reports. This may sound like a scene out of a Bollywood flick or drama series but it turns out that reality is stranger than reel, or as the proverb goes, ‘Truth is stranger than fiction.’

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Reports suggest that they had known each other earlier, recalled their young and happy days and decided to give themselves another chance at beginning a new life together. Result? The groom’s father eloped with the bride’s mother!

Scheduled for the second week for February, the young Surat couple’s marriage stands cancelled after the 48-year-old man and the 46-year-old woman are nowhere to be found since the last ten days.

It is now known that they had known each other earlier and reports suggest that they had been in a relationship many years ago but it did not work out at that time.

However, the elopement has caused a considerable buzz on social media and shocked everyone in their midst, particularly the Surat couple, whose engagement had been last year and were in the midst of preparing for their scheduled marriage in the second week of February.

According to various news reports, their marriage has been cancelled due to the elopement. No statements have been issued yet and more details are awaited on the same.