Laxmii: 13 Questions That Left Us Stumped After Watching Akshay Kumar-Kiara Advani’s Kanchana Remake (SPOILERS)

Sreeju Sudhakaran
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Disney+ Hotstar might have thought they had grabbed an envious deal when they got Laxmii, Sadak 2, Bhuj, The Big Bull, Lootcase, Khuda Haafiz and Dil Bechara to release directly on its platform. Save for two (Bhuj and The Big Bull), the rest of the films have all come out on the platform and it looks like only Lootcase managed to be the best of the lot. And that's saying something! The two biggies - Sadak 2 and Laxmii - turned out to be the most disappointing of the lot, with Laxmii being the latest of the release. Laxmii Movie Review: Sharad Kelkar the Only Spark in Akshay Kumar, Kiara Advani’s Horror-Comedy That’s Otherwise a Complete ‘Bomb’!

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Laxmii is a remake of the 2011 Tamil horror-comedy Kanchana - a pretty flawed film, dated in present times, and persistently aimed for the front-benchers. Remaking this film in current times was never a great idea, though it allows Akshay Kumar, known for his preachy image in his movies, to speak for a marginalised community, along with taking three other social issues. Still, Laxmii ends up being transphobic and misogynistic, while also being loud, crass and totally illogical even for a horror-comedy. Where the only sole bright spot was Sharad Kelkar in a cameo. Laxmii Ending Explained: How Akshay Kumar-Kiara Advani’s Horror-Comedy Teases a (Im)Possible Sequel (SPOILER ALERT).

By the end of the film, all we are left are 13 burning questions that need some answering. And if you have not watched the film, there are some pretty big SPOILERS ahead, so tread carefully. You have been warned. Just like the trailer of Laxmii did, about the lows to expect from the movie.

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Why The Need to Show Asif As a Rationalist?

A Still From Laxmii (Photo Credit: Disney+ Hotstar)

Asif (Akshay Kumar) is supposed to be a rationalist; a social activist who exposes charlatans indulging in superstitions. His intro scene has him saving a woman from being accused of a witch by a fraud baba, before lecturing the witnesses on blind beliefs. But the rest of the film is hell-bent on proving him wrong, by introducing a ghost and getting him possessed by it. In a country that is deeply in the clutches of superstitions and blind bhakti, why the need to show rationalism in such a poor light? Even the original film had no such subplot.

Where Did Shaan Disappear?

A Still From Laxmii (Photo Credit: Disney+ Hotstar)

Asif and his wife Rashmi (Kiara Advani) take care of his orphaned nephew, who has the annoying habit of addressing his elders by their names. They even take him to visit Rashmi's estranged family. But mid-way through the film, he disappears with no mention. Why have such a character in the film that has no purpose at all? Speaking of useless characters...

What Was the Point of Showing The Pregnant Neighbour and Her Sister?

A Still From Laxmii (Photo Credit: Disney+ Hotstar)

Apart from that pointless opening scare sequence (which turned out to be a dream), what exactly was the point of these two characters in the film? Near the climax, Rashmi and Asif are referenced to take the pregnant girl to the hospital, but what happened to her after that, is left up in the air.

Did Laxmii Became A Jim Carrey Fan After Her Death?

A Still From Laxmii (Photo Credit: Disney+ Hotstar)

Why was Asif giving all contorted expressions after being possessed by Laxmii's ghost? The real Laxmii was far more subtle, except when she has to be aggressive. But even then, she isn't so OTT! Maybe we can pinpoint this to the acting styles of Akshay and Sharad Kelkar, who plays Laxmii.

Did She Also Watch a Lot of Superhero Films in Her Afterlife?

A Still From Laxmii (Photo Credit: Disney+ Hotstar)

In her first killing in vengeance, Laxmii, possessing Asif, hides in a safe and comes out to murder the villain's henchman, acting all like Pennywise from IT. Or is it Rag Doll from The Flash series? But why? Did the henchman had some morbid fear of clowns? The influences don't end here. Even in the blood-soaked finale, we see influences of The Flash (again), X-Men, and even The Mummy in the way Laxmii kills those who wronged her!

Where Did The Other Two Ghosts Go?

A Still From Laxmii (Photo Credit: Disney+ Hotstar)

In a confrontation scene with Rashmi's family, we learn that Asif is not just possessed by one ghost, but three! Apart from Laxmii, he is also an unwitting host to two other spirits, that of Laxmii's foster father and brother, the latter being mentally handicapped. But these two ghosts never bother to appear again after the scene. Also, why does the foster father's ghost act like he is some goon from Hyderabad when he is in Asif's body? The real man was nothing of that sort!

Is "Burj Khalifa" Some Sort of Sexual Metaphor?

A Still From Laxmii (Photo Credit: Disney+ Hotstar)

While trying to appease his wife after a little argument, Asif tells Rashmi that he will fulfil all her dreams. The next scene, we see them gyrating to the beats of "Burj Khalifa" somewhere in the Middle-East! While the shoe-horning of this song sequence out of nowhere is jarring enough, we wonder what the significance of this song was. Is "Burj Khalifa" a metaphor for errr... a phallus?

Is Asif A Sexist?

A Still From Laxmii (Photo Credit: Disney+ Hotstar)

Why do Asif keep saying that “Maa kasam main chudiya pehen loonga” as his stakes if someone proves his rational beliefs wrong? Why does he send a woman who was sent to be tortured by a baba on the behest of her husband, back to that home? Did he think his one simple lecture would have changed the man's mind? Is Asif a misogynist and sexist? Or is it the movie, in its attempts to being progressive, falls flats on its regressive nose?

Why Not Cast A Transgender Actor for Laxmii's Role?

A Still From Laxmii (Photo Credit: Disney+ Hotstar)

There is hardly any doubt that Sharad Kelkar's performance in Laxmii is the best thing about it. But it comes with its own set of problems. Laxmii perceives itself to be progressive by highlighting the stigma faced by the third gender, that is beginning to have acceptance in our society, even if fledgling. While the intentions of the movie to do so may feel right, it could have done a better job at that by casting an actual transgender actor in the role.

How Can Laxmii Control Other People From the House, But Can't Kill Her Purported Targets Till The Very End?

A Still From Laxmii (Photo Credit: Disney+ Hotstar)

In the scene where the Muslim baba and his acolytes try to exorcise Laxmii's spirit, Laxmii tries to scare them away by showing visuals of how he could kill their loved ones. He puts the daughter of one man in front of the train, the son of other at the perch of a building, and then a woman to slice her hand. While this hurting of the innocents goes against the real Laxmii's nature, how come she never used her Professor X-like skills to kill her actual targets, without even bothering to leave the room? Also DTH providers should take lessons from her as to how to bring crystal clear pictures to our television, that too from different angles!

How Laxmii's Ghost Can Dance in Front of a Huge Shiva Statue But Can't Enter Temple?

A Still From Laxmii (Photo Credit: Disney+ Hotstar)

In the "Bam Bholle" song that takes place in the climax, Laxmii is seen dancing in front of a huge Shiva statue near the beach with other members of her community. However, she is unable to enter the temple premises, where the villain takes refuge, because she is a spirit! Errr... why do different gods have different rules?

If She Can't Enter, Why Couldn't The Rest of Her Folks Do So?

A Still From Laxmii (Photo Credit: Disney+ Hotstar)

Okay, let's for a moment, agree that that since she is a spirit, Laxmii can't enter the temple's premises. But can't anyone of her company also not enter the temple and drag out the villain? Unlike her, they are humans. Instead all they do is just form ranks behind her and make contorted faces!

Are We Actually Gonna Get A Sequel To This Errr... Travesty?

A Still From Laxmii (Photo Credit: Disney+ Hotstar)

The last scene shows that Laxmii hasn't really left Asif's body, thus teasing a sequel possibility. If that ever happens, then it would be like the makers of Laxmii quoting this Tiger Shroff dialogue from Baaghi 2 to their viewers - "Jo yeh tera torture woh mera warmup hai!"