What you can learn from growth hacker Lili Mitrovic?

Lili Mitrovic

Every brand today wants to grow exponentially by acquiring more users and boosting revenues in a short span of time. Social media growth hacking has taken the marketing world by storm. Blogger turned marketer Lili Mitrovic is proving that massive growth is possible within a slim budget. A growth hacker herself, Lili understands that growing your audience on social media networks is indispensable in today’s marketing mix. With 640k followers on Instagram, she has organically acquired social media marketing prowess which she brings to her marketing and consulting firm – AMO Lusso LLC.

Born in Skopje Macedonia, Lili Mitrovic is a 29-year-old fashion maven who now lives full-time in New York. Armed with a deep insight into the world of fashion, and holding a degree for business and marketing, from a very young age, Mitrovic was always interested in fashion. Today, an influential digital content creator at @lili_mitrovic on Instagram and www.lilimitrovic.com blog, Mitrovic credits her growth to social media emphasizing on how selected tools and strategies result in phenomenal social media growth in less time.

Mitrovic stresses on making interactive content as a backbone of your social media marketing strategy. As video content is becoming increasingly popular and a well-loved choice by consumers worldwide, Mitrovic stresses on using live streaming as an engaging way of interacting with customers. Working with well-reputed and organically grown digital collaborators is also a great way to amp up your brand’s trust and recognition, all while helping you generate leads and increase your revenue.

Start by following an optimized social sharing, pre-fixed schedule so that your audiences are hooked onto your content along with real-time ‘stories’ on Instagram. By organizing quizzes, contests, and continually striving for engagement in the form of ‘likes’ and comments are also a great way to turn customers into your brand advocates. In this process, do engage in social listening and create a competitive analysis, which will help you set social media targets of your own.

Social media is all about creating a personalized experience for your customers. Break the traditional views customers have of brands only trying to sell to them. Instead, create a loyal fan base by jazzing up your profile with diverse content marketing strategy. Do follow Lili Mitrovic on Instagram and take cues to develop a social media strategy specific to your brand.

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