Lee Allen Howard on Being a Socially Responsible Writer

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As the world progresses, people are becoming more compassionate and generous toward others. Earlier times were marked by slavery, injustice, and unfair killings. Fortunately, today, people stand up for what is wrong; they know their worth and their rights and how to fight for themselves and others.

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Living in an era of movements and awareness campaigns, you cannot turn a blind eye to the world's pressing problems. Education has played a key role in opening the eyes of many to unveil injustices that once took place behind closed doors. Although social activists and influencers have spread awareness, it is equally important for all media personnel, especially writers, to also do their part. Writers can use their innate talent for composing powerful and persuasive words to educate people about issues that should be addressed.

One writer who has been actively voicing his opinions and educating the masses about God's existence and ways you can lead a better life is Lee Allen Howard. Brought up in a God-fearing Christian family, Howard's writing was influenced by the teachings of his father, Rev. LaVerne R. Howard, a pastor.

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Power of The Written Word

It is often said that words are the most powerful weapon. They can cause destruction as well as bring peace to society and individuals. Not only are spoken words powerful, but written words also carry weight and substance. Books, articles, blogs, newspapers, and other sources impact individuals daily. When people read something meaningful, its message stays with them and eventually influences them.

Lee Allen Howard, who began writing when he was just eight, realized the potential of the written word when the genre of books he read influenced him. Howard was (and still is) a fan of horror fiction; his favorite novels are The Other by Thomas Tryon and The Rats by James Herbert. He liked the genre so much that he began writing dark fiction. Of course, he did not realize the potential of words as a child but came to understand their power as he matured. Comprehending how influential and thought-provoking words can be, he decided to share his knowledge about Christianity through writing.

By earning a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies from the Christian International School of Theology in Florida, Howard accumulated a profound knowledge of Christianity and the Bible. His thesis was "The Church's Identification with Christ as His Anointed Body on the Earth." While researching this project, Howard learned many things he was unaware of before, things he felt everyone should know. Since he had established himself as a writer, Howard started God's Plan Ministries as a house church with his wife in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, in 2002. He pastored there for three years but dissolved the ministry in 2005 when he separated from his wife.

Prior to this time, he was inspired to found a Christian publishing company, Beautiful Feet Publishing, Inc. Through BFP, he published his graduate thesis as You Are the Body of Christ. Later, due to unforeseen circumstances, the publishing company disbanded. In 2012 Howard wrote Called and Commissioned: 14 Principles for Budding Prophets, about the purpose of the prophetic call, supernatural gifts of hearing and seeing, and responding to God's commission. In the same year, he also wrote The Fear of the Lord and Speaking in Tongues.

Receiving positive reviews about his spiritual yet informative works, Howard wrote four more books released in 2013: Tongues Are for You! How to Release Your Prayer Language, dedicated to those who have a hard time receiving their Pentecostal prayer language; Beware the Super-Apostles!, geared toward Charismatic church leadership; The Truth About Tithing, which reveals what the Bible teaches about the subject; and The Conception of Jesus, concerning the events leading up to the Immaculate Conception.

Lee Allen Howard's latest release for the biblical teaching genre is Six Requirements for Kingdom Christians, published in 2018. This booklet is an eye-opener for those involved in church activities that do not actually build God's kingdom. With his biblical knowledge, Howard educates readers through this book about what Jesus taught his disciples to do in his name.

As a socially responsible individual, Howard is determined to do his part to improve society from social evils. He believes everyone can benefit from the Bible's knowledge so that they can lead righteous and productive lives.