Lee Min Ho Reveals About His Upcoming Show “Pachinko” And YouTube Channel

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In a recent GQ Korea, interview Lee Min Ho discussed his Apple TV+‘s Pachinko and his YouTube Channel, leeminho film.

He opened up about the plum blossom theme and does 70 to 80 percent of the editing by himself, as he enjoys working independently.

Min-Ho then talked about his role of Hansu in Pachinko. It is a story based on Min Jin Lee’s novel of the same name, which follows four generations of a Korean immigrant family through Korea, Japan, and the United States. Hansu is a Korean man who was adopted into a rich family in Japan. He falls in love with the main protagonist of the novel, Sunja (Kim Min Ha).

When he was asked about Pachinko audition was a guaranteed role as he is a well-known actor. He said, “Not at all. I auditioned about 10 years ago, but the situation has changed since then. I was determined to get the role and thought it would be embarrassing if I failed. I prepared a lot. I obsessed about doing well and was really nervous. I was so happy when I got the part.”

He further added, “If a knight in shining armor is my representative image, then I should keep going until I become the Emperor in shining armor. I thought that image reached its peak in The King: Eternal Monarch, so I wanted to make a change. That’s when I met Pachinko, and started leeminho film.

The show began its production on October 26, and a release date has yet to be set.