A Legacy Written by Self: Hip Hop Artist & Songwriter Selldretti, an Illustration of Sapience!

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A West Point graduate, bloomed into an inspiring songwriter and lyricist, is a lesson in himself on how passion could be followed and glorified at the same time.

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A Columbus, GA hip-hop artist, Walker Vernal Seldon, known with his stage name Selldretti, is a prominent music artist and songwriter emerging from an Army background is setting goals for the rest. A graduate from the United States Military Academy at West Point class in the year 2019, is one of the best independent artists of this generation.

It would go a little unjustified to not mention that he was the first African American male from Columbus, Ga to graduate from the institution and was recognized by the mayor of Columbus proclaiming the day June 22 as ‘2LT Walker Vernal Seldon Day’. An incredible and passionate artist, living his dreams into reality, is well known for the creativity he portrays in his songs.

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His plethora of songwriting and music creation sets him apart from the rest. He creates a melody to the ears of his listeners, as all his songs promote storytelling and piecing songs together in such a way that it always creates a vibe. The fact is that all his listeners develop a feeling of emotion and get connected to his music or get into the deep thoughts as they can relate from his songs.

Selldretti created his own music brand naming it Selldretti Music back in 2016, and this was the first milestone he achieved in his career as an artist. Post that, he couldn't stop from giving hit songs one after the other with albums, mixtapes, and EP's included. This accelerated his career and took him to the point where he could call himself flourished and settled. People began to know him and he is now one of the most talented artists of this moment.
"This success is all given by God", says Walker.

"His grounded nature and immense belief in God took him to this level of success," he confesses. He is a man, who keeps his God as his priority, with his wife and daughter to follow behind. He is not just an inspiring songwriter and artist but also a stimulating individual who can be tagged with ‘a complete family man’. He sets a benchmark of how to keep your family first even if the circumstances don’t allow you to do so. He has a great following on his social media and people do listen to him on Spotify and YouTube as well.

A recognized Army Soldier who’s now a prominent songwriter and composer has served his nation as well. He is at the peak of his career, all successful and established, known and followed by many. Nevertheless, he is on the grounds of simplicity as he is a self made artist who made his way through all the good and bad times being independent. He has great skills of lyricism, and that leads him to bring in creativity in a form where people groove and enjoy through his songs.