Lego to go green! Toy company to be 100% sustainable by 2030

FE Online

As the industries are moving towards a plastic-free, environmentally sustainable products, toy manufacturer, Lego is bidding on eco-friendly toys, AFP reported. However, even with plastic products, Lego has been a huge success for its plastic building bricks. But with the plastic being shunned for its harmful effects, Lego has also claimed to make its bricks sustainable come 2030, the report said. The company's head of corporate responsibility Tim Brooks has told AFP that sustainability has always been a point of discussion at Lego. The company will now incline towards what the environment, as well as consumers, demand, the report added.

According to the report, most bricks by the company are made of acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS). This is a petroleum-based substance which is also used to make household appliances. The company wants to use plastic "in a responsible way," especially with the high quality as well as durability. Currently, 2 per cent of its construction pieces, are made of a material which is bio-sourced. However, these pieces are those that do not have to meet the durability requirements as bricks do. They mainly include leaves, trees and bushes in the kit.

For the company, it is going to be a technical challenge. Lego wants to make sure that for customers, there is no difference between the old plastic and new materials. It aims for its new pieces to have the same physical properties when compared to the old ones. These properties are strength, sticking power and colour fastness.

Meanwhile, the company has also announced to increase its retail presence across cities. According to Forbes, the company has earlier said that it will open around 150 stores taking up the total count to 720 stores this year. With the opening of new stores, the company's total size in terms of retail outlets would increase by 25 per cent.