Leo will work with Bollywood actor in his upcoming short movie

Leo is in India and he is all set to launch Young Talents with his upcoming short movie “New India” Movie was shoot in Delhi, Banglore and Mumbai.

Leo will soon be shooting for two short films, New India and Free India, where the streets and the culture of this country will be put forth in a special manner.He is ready to launch punjabi Young talents in his new short movie "New India"

Leo says, “India is one of my most favourite countries and it would give me tremendous joy and pleasure to make a movie in the country.” His journey has not been an easy one, having to face a number of hurdles but leaving no stone unturned, Leo had an aim and was on course to achieve it by any means, making him one of the top YouTubers in the world.

YouTuber Leo is moving ahead to India for his upcoming short movie which he will produce with Indian Talents.

Leo today owns one of the top YouTube channels in the world with loads of views and likes, making him a sensation on the digital circuit. His content is really in sync with the digital market, getting many eyeballs.

Leo is one of the top-rated YouTubers, an ace fashion and lifestyle photographer, and also a travel junkie who is headed for India. Leo has travelled to a number of destinations like Los Angeles, San Diego, Spain, Greece etc and is currently busy shooting for his upcoming short-film based on India named ‘New India’ which will be out later this year. Leo is excited to launch his new short movie we wish Leo all the best.Movie will Release end of this year.