Leonardo DiCaprio to lead Oscar-winning 'Another Round' English language remake?

Shreya Mukherjee
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Leonardo DiCaprio to lead Oscar-winning
Leonardo DiCaprio to lead Oscar-winning

27 Apr 2021: Leonardo DiCaprio to lead Oscar-winning 'Another Round' English language remake?

Barely a day after becoming the Best International Feature at Oscars 2021, Danish film Another Round is reportedly getting an English remake.

According to Deadline, the remake is likely to be led by Leonardo DiCaprio, whose Appian Way Productions bagged the English-language remake rights at an auction recently.

Director Thomas Vinterberg, who also co-wrote the original film, will executive produce the new version.

Details: DiCaprio defeated Jake Gyllenhaal's firm, Universal Pictures at auction

Apart from Appian Way, Endeavor Content and Makeready will be producing the project.

The latter two will be fully funding the venture.

Appian Way's top executive Mike Hampton will oversee the remake and the team is going to hire a writer soon.

The auction reportedly went on through two weeks and had viable interest from Jake Gyllenhaal's Nine Stories, Studiocanal, and Universal Pictures.

Original: Noted actor Mads Mikkelsen had led the Danish project

The Danish movie starred Mads Mikkelsen as a middle-aged high school teacher, who decides to conduct a seemingly harmless experiment with three fellow teachers.

The objective is to see what happens if they maintain a constant level of alcohol in their blood.

So they effectively start to drink, all the time.

The movie also won a BAFTA and swept the European Film Awards.

Looking back: Vinterberg's acceptance speech had left everyone teary eyed

To note, Vinterberg had bagged an Oscar nomination for Best Director too.

Even if he lost that to Chloe Zhao (Nomadland), his speech was undoubtedly the most emotional point of the 93rd Academy Award show.

For the unversed, Vinterberg's daughter Ida had died tragically in a traffic accident just four days into the start of the shooting.

She was supposed to play Mikkelsen's daughter.

Information: A personal loss egged Vinterberg to complete the film

Sharing how excited she was about the film, the 51-year-old maintained that he ended up finishing the movie as a tribute to her.

He said, "And if anyone dares to believe that she's here with us somehow, you'll be able to see her clapping and cheering with us."

Now with Another Round getting a remake, this seems to be a fitting tribute to Ida.