Let’s be everyone included: Four-way amputee and former athlete Tracy Schmitt

Can a physical disability hold you back? Not even for a moment if you have perseverance and a positive attitude. Decorated former athlete-turned-motivational speaker Tracy Schmitt recollected a particular incident at school from her inspiring journey. For Schmitt, who was born as a four-way amputee, the aim was to rise above her physical disability, like her mother desired.

"As a kindergarten kid, the principal first didn't want me to be a part of a 30-odd class with just one teacher. He told my mother how I should be able to tie my laces, and go to the bathroom by myself. That is where my mother asked him to at least have me for a week," Schmitt, who aced downhill para-skiing, World Cup sailing, deep sea diving and mountain climbing, mentioned in her talk.

Highlighting the importance of feeling 'included', she said with a laugh, "It turned out that none of the 30 kids could tie their shoelaces either. Everyone included. Let's be everyone included."