Let Her Rot in Jail, Says Father of Amulya Leona, Arrested For Raising Pro-Pakistan Slogans


Bengaluru: Amulya Leona, who raised ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ slogans at a rally in Bengaluru against the Citizenship Amendment Act on Thursday, is an outspoken, simple girl with strong views, her friends say.

While Amulya had been participating actively in anti-CAA protests, no one thought she would raise pro-Pakistan Slogans at a protest chaired by MP and AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi in Bengaluru on Thursday night.

The girl, with short hair, took to a mic and said a few things before shouting, "Pakistan Zindabad" at Bilal Bhag in Bengaluru. A visibly shocked Owaisi rushed towards her and tried to snatch the mic from her.

Police and Owaisi’s associates dragged her away from the stage after some resistance and commotion. The shocked Hyderabad MP even admonished the organisers for allowing anybody and everybody to speak without checking their credentials.

Within minutes, Amulya's picture was splashed across TV screens, making her instantly infamous all over India.

According to some organisers, Amulya is just 19 years old and doing an undergraduate course at a Bengaluru college. She also works as an intern at a translation company in the city.

Some youngsters who know her claim that she has revolutionary ideas and normally doesn’t listen to anyone.

In a Facebook post a few days ago, she has explained her stand claiming that there is nothing wrong in shouting such slogans as she likes every country in the World.

Amulya's father Vojald, who lives in Koppa in Chickmagalur district (about 300 kilometres from Bengaluru) has expressed shock over his daughter's conduct.

A visibly shaken father said he had advised his daughter not to talk like that on several occasions in the past.

An upset and angry father said, "Let my daughter rot in a jail. Let the police break her legs. I have no objection. She has caused so much misery to my family".

Soon after the incident, some local Bajrang Dal activists had gone to meet her father. A video of them talking to him has also been doing the rounds on social media.

A mob attacked Amulya's house at night, after which her parents were provided with police security. Her father also lodged a complaint with the police about the incident.

The Karnataka Police have registered a case against Amulya under Section124A (Offence of sedition) of the Indian Penal Code. The Police will interrogate her on Friday. She will be produced before a court after the interrogation.

An upset father says he won't fight her case as she gone against his wishes.