Let’s Take A Moment To Talk About Ranbir Kapoor’s Eyes And His Expressions

Pallavi Mukherjee

Ranbir Kapoor is one of the finest actors in our industry and we need no more testimony to state this fact. The man has earned the star stature with his immense hard work and supreme talent. 

Let’s not just go into his acting and the overall package he is, let us just talk about his most admired and notable feature and that, is his eyes. 

I remember, that one feeling in my heart that is a constant, is that it beats faster when the screen takes a stop on Ranbir Kapoor’s eyes. His eyes have some kinda magic and this is something even the filmmakers know. Be it Imtiaz Ali or Karan Johar, they have always made sure that Ranbir Kapoor’s eyes do the major talking. What better movie than Barfi to sanctify to what I say, the man emoted really well but his major emotions were through his eyes. 

I will count my favorite Ranbir’s expressions that I truly feel are classic and forever relatable







1. Kun Faya Kun, the moment when he looks up

To seek devotion is a direct communication between soul and the almighty. This song Kun Faya Kun has a separate fanbase. The major highlight of the song is that look of Ranbir feeling the presence of his almighty, in gratitude and in pain at the same time when he is singing and when he looks up, a lot of emotions hit him. That is a moment of goosebumps for everyone whounderstands that feeling. 









2.Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Title track 

That very part when the song begins and it is just through his eyes that he emotes what it is to love and not be loved back. From his eyes being transfixed to that subtle raise looking up with an urge and quest for so many things, Ranbir Kapoor emotes complex emotions with such ease that it feels he truly understands them. 

3.Iktara, when Ayesha lets him take the photo 

How often do we come across that old school romance in our life in the movies based on new age love stories. Well, Ranbir Kapoor always spells an old school charm just because he conveys it all through his eyes. If you all followed Wake Up Sid, Ayesha was always reluctant to take photos but that particular moment she lets Sid capture her and damn, Ranbir takes the photo and gives priceless expressions which directly hits the strings of our hearts. That smile, that look is enough to convey that, that capture is one of his most special one. 

4.Channa Mereya, the ending scene in ADHM when he sings the song remembering Alizeh

We all remember the Channa Mereya in the movie but the ending of the movie has the unplugged version of the song and Ranbir Kapoor yet again makes us cry. From keeping his composition as an artist in front of the interviewer to yet subtly expressing his hidden pain of losing Alizeh, he expressed this dichotomic emotion with solely his eyes. If you follow his eyes in the song, he is crying from within but he’s trying his best not to cry as he is singing the song, damn its too real to not believe it. 

5.Agar Tum Saath Ho, When he puts his head against the bench and looks at Tara

The more I talk about Ranbir Kapoor’s capabilities to emote through his eyes, the more I fall in love with him. Did you guys not feel Ved’s struggle of wanting to be with Tara but not being able to break the vicious cycle of the society, the societal expectations, his responsibility to follow the pattern and monotony, to not take the risks to break free and march towards his happiness. All these summed up in that one look, Ranbir Kapoor nails it yet again.  

6. Kabira, when Aditi hugs Bunny and then he walks away looking at Naina with  teary eyes 

To see your best friend get married and see all the rituals and then, suddenly be hit by reality that none of it is something that you ever wanted in your life until you fell in love. That walk was his realization of falling in love and his dilemma to choose between his aspirations and desires. Well, we needed no dialogues cause Ayan Mukerji very aptly made his point in the song and Ranbir Kapoor gave more than 100 percent in delivering the message. 

To be honest, Ranbir Kapoor’s craft is something that cannot be summed up in one article. He has a gifted face but more importantly he is an artist whose growth is wonderful, as an actor. He has totally ventured into so many zones but he always assured that his eyes do the talking cause there is nothing that Ranbir’s eyes can’t do, isn’t it ? 

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