The life-changing events of motivational speaker Steve Holbrook


Steve Holbrook’s Life Show No Challenge Is Insurmountable

Sometimes the obstacles in our lives can seem impossible to face. It seems like it would be easier to just give up and forget about our dreams. But there are stories out there that can remind us that we can endure and thrive after something difficult or tragic happens in our lives.

Many people assume that CEOs have had easy lives, but this isn’t true of insurance entrepreneur Steve Holbrook. He works to show people that they can overcome their challenges with a positive mindset.

Steve is a renowned motivational speaker. He speaks in front of large crowds all over the U.S. and Canada, his talks focusing on having a positive attitude and remaining steadfast through challenges. These speeches have changed peoples’ lives and mindsets for the better.

Over the course of his life, Holbrook has had hundreds of overnight stays in the hospital, taken many medications, and had several surgeries, yet he’s now able to run a successful business empire that helps and inspires others.

At the age of two, Holbrook was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Fast forward to when he was in college, he was accepted to go on a sailing trip around the world for ten months. He would see San Diego, Hawaii, Australia, Indonesia, and Africa. For most of us, that sounds like an absolute dream.

However, he started having complications of his Crohn’s. In the 7th month, he got very sick and had to be airlifted back home because of a collapsed lung. He had to spend three months recovering from this terrifying experience.

After he graduated from college, he had a choice to make. He could join his family business, become a general manager at the restaurant he was working at, or go out on his own. He chose to start his own insurance business. By the third year, he had 10 agents on his team and was feeling good.

But that’s when life threw him another curveball. He went to the hospital and learned he needed surgery to remove his colon, rectum, and part of his small intestine. This amounted to about 8 feet total. He received a permanent ileostomy because these parts of his body couldn’t function properly. However, Steve didn’t let these medical issues get him down for even a second; he was optimistic and ready to try again.

Once he started feeling better, Steve was determined to make sure his struggles helped others. He created a podcast called “Momentum Monday” that helps people change their mindset and their life. Steve believes that everything is possible if you approach it with a strong mindset, and he spreads this belief to his many listeners every week.

He also visits children who suffer from the same condition as he does in the hospital. He teaches these kids the same things he does during his motivational speaking, helping them make it through the tough times caused by their disease.

When Steve gives a speech, he tells the audience, “I want you to find your story in my story.” We all have a little bit of Steve’s story in us, experiencing hardships that seem difficult to overcome. Perhaps Steve’s triumphs can give us proof that we’re not alone, and we can use these challenges to motivate us to try harder.


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