Life Of Corporate Star Ross Pomerantz

Ross Pomerantz

A corporate salesman who 85-thousand people on Instagram tune-in to watch on a weekly bases. Who is he? What does he do? With his satirical portrayals of life as a Silicon Valley software salesman, Corporate Bro can be referred to as “the modern day Dilbert in video form.”

Every single week within the past 5 years Corporate Bro and his team have put out a video. While the spotlight has been taken up by the character, his creator has chosen to stay out of the limelight. “What is Corporate Bro’s real name?” and “Where does Corporate Bro work?” are the most common search results populated when you “google” Corporate Bro.

Meet Ross Pomerantz, a Stanford MBA student who still holds a sales job. “People have been trying to figure out who I am for a while,” he says smirking. “Some have definitely found me, but, other than my friends, I’ve stayed pretty private. I’ve wanted it that way.” It has certainly added to the mystique. His 85-Thousand fans love the idea there is a real sales guy out there parading around as the hero Corporate Bro. It’s a Clark Kent-Superman situation. But despite their best attempts, his true identity has not been revealed – until now.

Starting from the bottom of sales making cold calls, a lot of my inspiration comes from that says the Stanford MBA Student. I think people can feel the authenticity of my videos because I’ve done sales – and still do it.”
It was 2014, after a two-year stint in minor league baseball, that Pomerantz started working tech-giant Oracle. That’s where Corporate Bro began.

“I remember walking into the office one day and I had this moment where I thought ‘this place is ridiculous. Everyone here is such a corporate bro!’ That’s when I started making six-second videos on the now retired Vine platform.”

The six-second Vine platform started fading about year in from when Ross started creating video content. Pomerantz began transferring his videos to Instagram where he received little traction at first. The first week of 2015 was his most pivotal moment. “I woke up one morning and had a personal message on my Instagram that Grandex Media (Total Frat Move) was writing an article about my videos. I sort of had a mini-blow-up moment that day.” Word began to spread and within days he had thousands of followers asking for more. “That’s when I decided to get serious. I knew I needed a team to deliver content every week.”
With little to no budget he turned to his friends and family. He first brought on his younger brother, Win Pomerantz, who would play the manager in videos and aid in writing and producing. Another addition made to the team was his Oracle co-worker Matt MacDonald, and a comedy writer who worked in sales at Zenefits Ben Gould.

“I don’t think people realize how much we bootstrap this operation,” said Gould. “Each video takes about eight hours from writing to editing and it’s all done on nights and weekends. We’ve been kicked out of workspaces before and had to beg fans to let us shoot in their offices on weekends.”

Fortunately enough a small office in San Francisco is now a more permanent home for shooting their video content. Now their biggest issue is coordination, time, and resources. Pomerantz echoed the same sentiment. “We always need people to help. And it’s funny because people constantly ask to be in the videos. Problem is they always back out once they hear we need them to show up at 8am on a Saturday. It’s an all-day thing. Oh yeah, and no one gets paid.”

Still the team finds a way. They haven’t missed a week in years. Pomerantz now does corporate stand-up for tech companies on top of the weekly videos. They hire him to motivate and entertain their sales teams. “It’s been great to get out there in person. While I much prefer video work, I know it can only help the brand if I do as many things as possible.”

Apparently he is currently working on a far larger project, but is hush-hush on the details. All he would say is that it’s Corporate Bro in longer form. If you work a corporate job, or know someone who does, follow Corporate Bro (@Corporate.bro) on his meteoric rise.

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