A Life of Fearlessness

The word fear conjures to the mind many different questions all at once. What is fear? Is it a required emotion? How important is it to live a life devoid of fear?

Fear and danger are two diametrically opposed concepts. While danger is a situation that threatens bodily harm or suffering, fear is more of a perception that gives rise to worry.

Fear is a part of the ego system that as a defence mechanism prevents us from leaving our comfort zone. The ego self is our perceived definition of who we are. We cling to our identity desperately as it is a symbol of our stability in this world.

And our identity consists of all our habits, behavioural traits, our quirks and mannerisms, body language, our education, qualifications, job titles, status etc. But, there are times where fear may even seem that like a required emotion, provided it stays within balance and in our control.

Fear can be a functional tool as long as it doesn’t dictate our decisions or thwart our attempts at any change which is for the better. Fear also acts as an instinctive protective mechanism that keeps us from heedless and irresponsible behaviour as the human race is wont to.

The only disadvantage is that fear spills over into the other areas of life that require us to grow through change. Fear keeps us boxed in and from living life to the fullest. Hence, it is a hard emotion to keep under a lock and key, and it would serve us well to eliminate it completely from our lives.

In order to become fearless, one needs to become powerful. You should face the challenges of life with boldness. Do not run away and certainly do not bow down to injustice or any wrong-doings. Keep working on your self-power through goodness.

Anticipate that the reciprocal power of goodness will return the favour. You may not see the results immediately but you will eventually. Charity, good thoughts and good deeds lead to an accumulation of good karmic wealth that you can count on cashing in when the chips are down.