Lifestyle Influencer Dylan Jacob’s latest Insta post is a must for every millionaire-in-the-making

Everyone has different drivers, different motivators, but if there is one constant that is true to success, it is sacrifice. Leaving his 66.1k Instagram followers inspired, lifestyle influencer and CEO of Brümate - Dylan Jacobs recently spoke candidly about this via his latest Instagram post. Captioned underneath a shot of his brand new, cherry red McLaren, Dylan shares his journey of taking a risk and putting it all on the line to launch a company he firmly believed in. Dylan had a vision, and nothing was going to stand in his way. The founder of Brümate, a wildly profitable stylish drinkware line designed to keep adult beverages cold, opened up about the sacrifices it took to build the $50 million company.

In his Insta-post, Dylan shares how three years ago, he sold it all and moved into a 700 square-foot apartment with a friend so he could give his dream 100% and more. Once Brümate was launched, Dylan didn't take a salary for three years. By living off credit card points and driving an old Honda Civic, he picked up off Craigslist, Jacob made the sacrifices necessary to grow Brümate from a $250,000 company in 2016 to a $50 million company in 2019. Brümate is not only profitable; its growth is staggering at 15,000%, and it is currently one of the fastest-growing companies, according to the Inc. 5000.

A humble young man, who refused to let distractions get in the way, Dylan opens up about how driving that old Civic and living simply with a friend was a constant reminder that these sacrifices were crucial to the success he was building for the future. By letting go of material possessions, including the status that comes with them, Dylan could remain laser-focused on his passion.

Dylan Jacob's Insta handle is fun to scroll through as the millennial influencer engages his online community with glimpses of his travel adventures, fun with friends, and successful moments that shine along.

A 2019 'EY Entrepreneur of the Year' winner and having made it to the 2018 Forbes 30 under 30 list, Dylan closes out his inspiring post by stating, "Put in the work, and the rest will come. It won't be overnight, and it won't be fast, but it will 100% be worth it." That is one advice that any millionaire-in-the-making can take to the bank.