Lifestyle Influencer Mohammad Makhlouf believes in collecting the uncollectible

In the elite segment of the world, often the affluent are known for their private collections, collecting unique paintings, rare artefacts, and so goes the list. Mohammad Makhlouf, the Syrian billionaire and lifestyle influencer, admits that he too is a collector – a collector of the most elusive vehicles in the world today.

Mohammad Makhlouf, a celebrity in Syria, is known for his love of luxury cars. He reveals that cars are literally his “kryptonite” and that his obsession began very early in his childhood. “I used to love collecting toy cars as a child. I had a huge collection, various shapes, colours, and designs. The only difference between then and now is that I'm a bit older and the cars are a lot bigger", he said.

The allure of luxury cars and vehicles has captivated Mohammad Makhlouf and he has amassed a truly enviable collection that would leave even the most avid collector at a loss for words. He is the proud owner of several unique vehicles with stand-out number plates – his favorite numbers being "2" and "7" which he believes brings him a hint of good luck.

Mohammad, often known for his opulent lifestyle on Instagram, is embarking on a path of altruism where he is keen on changing the lives of millions of people in the war-torn country. He believes that he can reach millions of people with his status and intends to change people’s lives and take every opportunity to help those in need.

He was awarded “Syria's Most Charitable Individual” as well as the “Al-Amal Award”, both in 2018.