Lil Hudak, The New Music Star From Cleveland, Ohio

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When you think of Ohio, what comes to mind? Farms, empty roads, and probably just a boring place? What if we then asked what celebrities come to mind? Not too many off the top of your head, if you are the average person. Lil Hudak the hip hop artist from Cleveland, Ohio has changed that though. Hudak is the next star to come from here and he currently is rising in the music industry.

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Lil Hudak was born in Ohio, raised as a normal child, but with a different view on life. With his passion for music, and way of thinking, Hudak changed his life for the better. After going through many heartbreaks, hard times, and coming from a small town he only had positive vibes and made his dreams and goals possible.

Lil Hudak began making and releasing music in early 2020 and 2021 and immediately grabbed the crowds attention. With his hit songs "Just Wait" and "Helpless" his social media grew with an amazing fan base. Lil Hudak worked for thousands of listeners, followers, and a total over 500,000 streams on his music.

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After releasing his song "Helpless" this May, he got just over 16,000 streams alone in the first month.

Not only does Lil Hudak bring a very melodic and relatable view in his music, he brings attention to the listener with lyrics and flow that absolutely everyone loves. Whether someone that broke your heart or deep family issues, he writes and releases songs that him and his fans can vibe and relate too.

"If I can go through it, so can someone else" says Lil Hudak in an interview and he strives to make music for all those people going through something. With his fan base growing fast, and coming from a place most people wouldn't expect, he may be someone to check out before it’s too late. Lil Hudak said "I want everyone to know you can be anything you want, follow your dreams, and any haters will be your fans in the end."

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