Line-up of NFDC Film Bazaar unveiled

Shubha Dubey

Panaji, Oct 29 (PTI) A total of 14 project will be hoping to grab the backing of producers and distributors at the 13th edition of NFDC Film Bazaar.

The selected projects hail from India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, France, Nepal, Singapore and the US.

The languages vary from Hindi, English, Bengali, Malayalam, Assamese to Bhutan's Dzongkha dialect.

The Film Bazaar's Co-Production Market has come up in recent years as the best place for filmmakers to pitch their ideas to the producers, hoping to get their backing as well as get in touch with festival programmers, financiers and sales agents.

The line-up of projects include Assamese feature 'Aamar Xokolure Bhaalpowa' from director Mehdi Jahan, Nepali film 'Anantah', Alka Raghuram's 'Ayna' and Jiju Antony's 'Ettemedam'.

International co-productions include Suman Sen's 'Eka' (India, Bangladesh and France), Vikas Khanna's 'Home Of The Rain Catcher' (India and US), 'Feast' from Leon Cheo (India and Singapore), ' I, the Song' (France and Bhutan) and 'Sabras' (India and US), among others.

The Film Bazaar, held every year on the sidelines of International Film Festival of India (IFFI), will run from November 20 to 24. PTI RB SHDSHDSHD