Linkin Park's 'Numb' got a K-pop banger by ATEEZ's singer

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Linkin Park
Linkin Park

08 Jan 2021: Linkin Park's 'Numb' got a K-pop banger by ATEEZ's singer

The insanely popular rock band, Linkin Park, has been lying low ever since the shocking 2017 demise of its lead singer Chester Bennington.

Rapper-producer Mike Shinoda's solo sojourns are however indicating a return, and the band also announced last year that they are making music.

But remakes are on the rise and Kim Hongjoong of K-pop band ATEEZ is the latest to reimagine Numb.

'Numb' again!: Revisiting the classic LP track, visually it stands out

The cover song has the typical K-pop elements you'd wish for - a good-looking singer, an impressive set design and some rap verses thrown in between.

Visually speaking, this is a good concept as we see the artist weighing in on his mirror reflections and giving the song a new spin.

The video shows Hongjoong infuse EDM beats, thus exuding a banger vibe.

Reaction: Mixed reaction from listeners, a 'like' from Linkin Park

The cover song, lasting some 3.39 minutes, was released on YouTube on January 5.

It is already inching closer to more than a solid 600K views.

The song evoked mixed reactions from listeners but Hongjoong received his highest honor in this case as the band itself has liked his take on Twitter.

So whether you like the rendition or not, the verdict is out.

Achievement: The band's debut album celebrated 20th anniversary recently

To state the facts, the song has ranked 13th on YouTube's Music Videos Trending Worldwide list.

Hongjoong told fans on VLIVE that he was planning to create this since a year.

Incidentally, Hybrid Theory, the debut studio album of the American band, rung in its 20th anniversary recently and marking that occasion, this renewed take on LP's iconic song surely is a timely release.

Facts: 'Numb' was also remixed in collaboration with Jay-Z

Numb, the second single from the band's 2003 album, Meteora, was remixed in collaboration with Jay-Z.

Titled Numb/Encore, it was a smash hit and eventually won the Grammy Award for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration.

This recent development definitely makes us eagerly wait for a new Linkin Park album, but aspiring musicians, if lucky, can get their compositions produced by none other than Shinoda.

That's right!

Information: Aspiring composers alert! Shinoda will produce your music LIVE

The prominent member of the rock band recently announced that he is accepting song submissions from optimistic music creators to produce some selected ones, live on his Twitch account.

There is just one condition: It has to be only vocals. One instrument is allowed however.

Shinoda will take care of the rest.

"There's no formal contest, just an intention," he said in his announcement.

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