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Baahubali – The Conclusion – 1115.86 crore

The second part was the most awaited by the audience as it solved a lot of knots and was bigger than the first one. USP- Its pure revenge for the right reasons and to take back what was taken away by a plot! This movie is still an all-time favourite of the audiences because of Prabhas and still stays a blockbuster we all loved, breaking records.

List of top 10 highest-grossing films has three films of Prabhas!

Every year comes with a list of films that break the existing records and brings us a new success to thrive on, as the audience. Looks like, with the below list- the audience has not only loved Bollywood films but have loved films like ‘Baahubali’ more with new records being created. With three big projects making way to the list, superstar Prabhas owns the list with 3 big projects, the only star to have three in a list of 10 top highest-grossing films that recently was released.

With a pan-India reach and a fandom beyond borders, this does not come as a surprise. Check the list out.

Text: Pop Diaries