Listening to Prabhas could have saved 'Adipurush' team some money?

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Listening to Prabhas could have saved
Listening to Prabhas could have saved

11 May 2021: Listening to Prabhas could have saved 'Adipurush' team some money?

Just a few days back, it was speculated that Om Raut's magnum opus Adipurush was likely to shift base to Hyderabad, due to the pandemic restrictions in Mumbai.

The move is obviously going to cost the makers a lot more.

However, a new report suggests that this extra expense could have been saved if Raut had given in to lead star Prabhas's opinion earlier.

What happened: Prabhas never wanted to shoot the 'Ramayan'-inspired saga in Mumbai?

Stating that the Baahubali star was "reluctant" to shoot in India's tinseltown from day 1, a Times of India report mentioned how Raut didn't give in to the protagonist's "grumbling" and erected two sets in Mumbai and surroundings.

These sets have now been dismantled, and similar ones are being erected in Hyderabad.

Notably, the team is already done with about 25% of the shoot.

Retrospection: 'Unit hopeful to start proceedings in the next 7-8 days'

This extra expenditure could have been averted had the director accepted his hero's choice, an anonymous source close to the matter told the portal.

"But who knew that Maharashtra was headed for several curbs! Today, Hyderabad too has a few restrictions...The unit is hopeful to start the proceedings in the next 7-8 days," they said about the current state of affairs.

Arguments: Raut had his (logical) reasons to choose Mumbai

However, Raut's call to shoot in Mumbai was not illogical.

Main cast members - Saif Ali Khan, Kriti Sanon, Sunny Singh - and Raut are all based in the city.

Prabhas was the only exception.

"The crew employed was also from Mumbai," the source said, so the entire unit had to be provided lodging, if the project had moved to Hyderabad.

Now what: Makers are eyeing a release in August 2022

While some technicians are flying to Hyderabad, the team is now appointing new light men from the Telugu state.

It is true some costs could have been cut, but no one could have foreseen the worsening COVID-19 condition.

Separately, the fantasy drama, which is being mounted on a grand scale, will have Prabhas play Ram.

It is slated for an August 2022 release.