'Literally a Veep Episode': Netizen Compare Trump Supporters' Swing From 'Count the Vote' to 'Stop the Count' With the HBO Show

Rajat Tripathi
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HBO series Veep is playing out in real life as Donald Trump and Joe Biden are in the final stretch of the US Presidential Election 2020. Trump supporters are swinging between the chants of "Stop The Vote" and "Count Every Vote". As per reports, at a centre in Detroit, the Republicans were chanting to count every vote, while in Detroit, they were asking for the opposite. This has reminded the netizen of one very famous episode of the Emmy Award-winning series, Veep. Not Kanye West or Joe Biden, Did Kim Kardashian Vote for Donald Trump? Her Fans Think So Thanks to Her “I Voted” Pic!

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In season 5 episode named Nev-AD-a, Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), has won the popular vote but demands a recount after her team learns that she needs more electoral votes in Nevada. Protestors are planted across centres demanding a recount.

But, when the recount starts tilting in favour of Meyer's rival, their tunes change. Protestors alternate between "count every vote" or "stop counting the votes" depending on what the latest situation demands. "You're going to cancel this recount like Anne Frank's Bat mitzvah," Louis-Dreyfus' character throws a baby tantrum. "I'm tired of losing things!" US Presidential Election 2020: Rapper Lil Wayne Dumped by Girlfriend Denise Bidot Over Trump Support.

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On Thursday, the Actress Retweeted a Clip of Her Nevada Freakout:

Alexis Wilkinson, one of the writers, was amused that what the wrote for a fictional show is playing out in real life. Quite a bunch of people on the internet pointed out the uncanny similarities in the two events.

Check Out Unreally Real Veep Clip Going Viral On Twitter:

One Of The Writers On Veep Tweeted This:

Michael Schur, Creator Of The Office, Known As Ken Tremendous on Twitter, Joked:

Veep Showrunner And Consultant Had This Twitter Exchange:

Eventually, Selina Meyer not only loses the electoral vote but also popular vote in Nevada. As of now, Trump campaign has filed an election malpractice lawsuit in Nevada."We warned for the last few weeks we could end up in a situation where Nevada decides the presidency. We’re asking for emergency relief. We’re asking for the judge to stop the counting of improper votes,” Adam Laxalt, Nevada’s former attorney general and Trump's campaign co-chair in Nevada, told reporters in Las Vegas.